Thanks For Stopping By…

Thank you for coming by and checking us out….I pray you will be inspired! Motivated! Empowered and Encouraged by the content on our page. Feel free to look around and read our blog; check out books already available and connect with us on Social Media..

New Book Available ! From My Lips to Your Ears

From my lips; to your ears! (1)


5 thoughts on “Thanks For Stopping By…”

  1. Hi there, I saw your post about hosting authors of self published Christian authors on your site. I’m a self published author but my book a memoir of ”coming of age’ with life lessons that address my religiouz upbringing etc it is more inspirational laced with a touch of humor than your typical Christian book. Angie read it and did the audio book for it and could give you her take on it. I would also be happy to send you a copy to review. Thanks Carol Gee


  2. Tamara, for some reason my emails to you are not going through. However, I got your message. “Random Notes” is available in paperback, e-reader and limited copies of an audiobook narrated by Angie Bee. Sticking a review copy in the mail to you. Thanks


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