The Surprising Truth About Being Single.

So, you’re probably wondering what this surprising truth is? Well, I think we all as individuals have that surprising truth that will make others shake their heads in disbelief. I think it really depends on where you are mentality and if you’ve been keeping yourself busy. Some people may be lonely, they may be out there going on dates each and every weekend, they may be sleeping around, they may be juggling more than one person along; I can go on and on but let me tell you about my surprising truths.

me pic 1

And, it also depends on if you have dealt with any past issues; in your life. As well, as past relationships! For me, one of the surprising truths is: that I am not lonely! Why do people assume that you’re lonely if you’re single? Lol, I’m an introvert; so being single bothers me not one bit! I love my peace and quiet! And coming out of domestic violence relationships; I very well needed and enjoy a stress-free lifestyle. Who likes getting punched around and called all kinds of un-pretty names? Not me!


Coming out of bad relationships; you want to take some time for yourself to work through everything that you experienced; so, it doesn’t repeat itself in the next relationship. Why jump right into the next relationship and you haven’t healed from the previous one first? Everyone goes through different experiences so yours may not match mine but taking whatever issue it was into a new relationship; just spells disaster; especially if that person has it together and even if they don’t; the outcome may not be pretty.

When you do your work; you’re able to pick up on signs and signals early on and will have a clear mind; to make the right decision on how to proceed.

trails and tribulations

Back to the surprising truth; people that don’t know your full story of why you’re single in the first place; will assume and jump to conclusions!  Not too long ago an acquaintance of mine sent me a video and the video insisted that I would be single for the rest of my life; if I continued to wait on God. Now, this older lady knows that I am a Christian; knows that I am an author; but hasn’t read any of my books. But, decided to send me this video that went against everything that I believed! Now I haven’t responded to her because some people simply don’t warrant a response.  She claims to be a Christian as well, but her behavior and speech doesn’t always match up.


The video went on to say a number of things that I won’t even repeat; but this woman would’ve known this video wouldn’t seat well with me. When you take the time to get to know people on a personal level you know how to approach them! I believe that whomever my husband will be; will Find ME!! That’s what the Bible says: Proverbs 18:22 “He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD.” (NIV)

I am not part of that foolish that is going on with women asking men to marry them!! You will not hear that mess come out my mouth! I don’t care who he is!! I don’t care how times have times have changed! I am still old fashioned!! Men ask Women to marry Them!!

Adam chose EVE!! Yes, God created HER, but Adam had to Like What He Saw!! Genesis 20:21-22So the man gave names to all the livestock, the birds in the sky and all the wild animals. But for Adam no suitable helper was found.  So, the Lord God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep; and while he was sleeping, he took one of the man’s ribs and then closed up the place with flesh.  Then the Lord God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man.” (NIV) 

Can you imagine going through guy after guy to find the one that will eventually like and want to fall in love with you? Look, I been on that downward spiral before; its time consuming; I have more meaningful things to do with me time! Like raise my kids! Who’s going to raise them; if I’m in the streets chasing after Grown Boys?

Not all of us are Godly Women; I get that, and everyone has their opinion and we all have a choice! But, we have to do better at approaching and assuming! Have a conversation with people; get to know who they are, what they believe, share your testimony, lend your hear; share some encouraging words!

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Some other reasons I am single; I don’t want all these strange men around my kids. Your kids see and mimic what you do! I wrote about in one of my books; of wanting to break the cycle! I don’t want my kids to live the life that I was living when I had them! I want them to see a different; more cleaner version of me! We, as a family are at our happiest and I don’t want to mess that up! When we as women get into a relationship and it turns violent; our kids see that! How do you think that is going to impact their lives? Why continue if you know it can affect them? If I have to be single until they are all grown; then so be it! They got pedophiles out here who will play on your emotions just to get to your kids! My kid’s safety outweighs my happiness! As women we can sometimes be blinded to the things that are happening right in front of us because we think we are happy and have this awesome person in our lives.

Many of us lose our way when we get into the wrong relationships! We only have one life; why waste it on people who are only out to use and abuse you? When we wait on the right person to come into our lives; we are able to work on ourselves and whatever gifts we have been blessed with! I never would’ve imagined being an author of 16 books and counting, writing a blog that reaches people internationally, being able to speak life into other women that have been in similar situations as me, being able to change my life from bad to good, being able to be single and happy for over 11 years; I can really keep going but I think you get my point!


I am not going to allow anyone to push me back into an old lifestyle! I am not going to allow anyone to hinder my growth! I am not going to allow anyone to diminish my shine! I am not going to allow anyone to box me in! When I said Yes to God, I didn’t fully know everything I was getting into! I didn’t know the attacks would be many; people who don’t know you and your story will came at you from every direction. Be ready and be on guard! When you decide that you want Better for your life; people will take that as a personal insult; they will look at you like you believe you are better than them! I don’t believe I am better than anyone; I just want to be My Best Version of Myself! 

So, you see; the Surprising Truth About Being Single depends on You. Where are you at in your journey? You may be tired, you may be ready to just marry the next person that speaks to you; we all have a story to tell. What’s yours?

Written and published by Tamara McCarthy
©2018 Copyrighted Tamara McCarthy Enterprises

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I wear many hats! I am a Kingdom Gal! I am a Jesus Chic! I am an Author, Writer, Motivator, Single Mom and Certified Life and Empowerment Coach! I am earning my Phd in Christian Counseling; so that I can continue my passion and purpose to inspire, motivate, empower and encourage young ladies and women to live a better life!

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Inspiration to Live a Better Life... (4)Inspiration to Live a Better Life... (5)

From the Desk of a Single Mom: Our Very 1st Home….Thank You Jesus!!

Can I brag on My God! God did it! We sometimes want to take credit for the things that happen in our lives! But, I can’t and won’t do that today! Some of us just won’t give credit where it is due! I won’t be one of them!

On 5.11.18 my children and myself were able to secure our very 1st home! That’s a big blessing; one that we can’t take any credit for! So many of us fail to realize that we don’t have total and complete control of what takes place in our lives! Yes, we can get a job and make a bunch of money (some of us) and we can buy all the nice shiny sparkling things; that people will ooh and ahh over but none of that makes any difference if you don’t have God in your life!

Buying a house isn’t a fun and easy process! If you got cold hard cash; then maybe you won’t get the headache! But, when you have to deal with sellers, mortgage companies, banks; etc those headaches are numerous! Your credit score has to be on point! Your bank account has to be at a certain level because you have fees on top of fees you will have to pay out. Did I forget to mention that I didn’t go through one of those 1st time home buyers class? I skipped all over that step; lol! I dove in head first and had no idea what I was getting myself into!

My parents where home buyers before but I was a child when that process took place for the first time; when my dad brought another house years later; he made it seem so easy I didn’t even ask about all the mishaps that could take place. I didn’t tell too many people I was looking to buy because:

  1. I didn’t want to hear any horror stories!
  2.  or do you think your ready?
  3. or really; you think you can handle that?
  4. I don’t know if the market is good for that.
  5. or people counting my coins!
  6. and I didn’t want anyone telling me what God couldn’t do!

I don’t know about you but as a Single Mom; people always feel like you don’t have it all together and need their two cents! Now, don’t get me wrong I love some good sound advice but don’t treat me like I haven’t been raising my kids all this time by myself! I know what I can and can’t handle! And I got a pretty good head on my shoulders and a big decision like this I checked with my Heavenly Father first! He knows what the forecast is before any of us even open our eyes!

You see, when we moved into our last apartment 06.08.17 I wrote a note and put it on my prayer wall! It basically was me saying this had to be it with this apartment living! I was done with it! I was tired, my kids were tired and we wanted better for our lives! We grew tired of all the rules that these apartment communities enforced! They basically had the keys to come and go as they pleased while you were paying the rent! Every time we turned around they were having inspections for this and for that; people all up in your living space. You could park here; but you can’t park there! You can have these many guests over and they have to leave at this time! They charged you for everything; gym key, washer and dryer, updated appliances; jeez really! I was putting out so much money and I knew there had to be a better way.

I would often dream about the day when we could have our own; I prayed for it, I put it on my vision boards; until the last vision board that I did, I just felt it was already done! No need to look for and paste these pictures of houses and what they would have inside of it anymore!

We started the journey almost 6 months into living in that last apartment. I called up a friend that also happens to be a realtor and told him I was ready to start looking for a house! I didn’t know chicken squat about what I needed to do or have; I just knew I was ready! He began to send me listings and gave me the name of a guy at the mortgage company and we were on our way! I wish I could tell you that it was smooth sailing; it wasn’t! The whole process was stressful! Any time you want to upgrade your life; the enemy will be on full alert and the attacks will begin! How dare you think that you deserve more? Better? How dare you?

Let me tell you something! I kept on full steam ahead! My Heavenly Father sent his “only begotten son so that we can have life and have it more abundantly” I wasn’t backing down! And you know some may say; well where is this house? Is it up on a hill? Is it 2 stories high? Is it in a gated community? Does it have those high vaulted ceilings? Are there chandeliers hanging throughout? All that is materialistic and isn’t everlasting! God knows I am a simple chic and that the memories we will build here are far more valuable then all that material stuff!

When I walked into this home; I felt at HOME! I didn’t want to leave! I could feel the joy radiating off the walls! I could feel the laughter! I could feel my kids feeling safe and secure! I could feel God blessing us over and over again! We put in an offer and it was accepted! Yes God! But, I have to add there were many houses before this house! Some far more better, had much more land, had even more rooms and space! There was 1 house that was completely renovated! Had the biggest backyard I’ve ever seen and a garage with the exact washer and dryer set I’ve always wanted; but I didn’t have any of those wonderful feelings I experienced in the home we chose! I wasn’t going to settle because my eyes were fascinated at what I saw! The enemy knows what you like; but God knows what you need!

Every morning I get up I still can’t believe it! Our very 1st Home; I could run, yell and scream and not have to worry about anyone living under us calling and complaining about the noise! I don’t have to wait to vacuum until its almost afternoon time because you might disturb the neighbors! The neighborhood is so calm and peaceful! My neighbors are nice and friendly! My kids haven’t fought not once since we moved in! I have an island in my kitchen! Every place we have lived in the past 5 years the kitchen was so small; we all couldn’t fit in there! Our kitchen now can fit all the kitchens from all our past places! Only God!

Let me tell you this if nobody else has: ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE WHEN YOU HAVE GOD IN YOUR LIFE!

I’m still a Single Mom, still haven’t found the right career path but let me tell you this; we aren’t living in another apartment because God said it was time to advance!! I don’t question when God moves anymore! I used to get frustrated with him; like come on God when is something going to happen! When will I get married? When will I stop living paycheck to paycheck? When will my books start being on women’s bookshelves and in their hands? When? Our time isn’t God’s time! When He says it is time; then we better be ready! Are you ready? Are you ready to advance? What actions are you taking? All I had to do was “write the vision and make it plain!” NO MORE APARTMENT LIVING IN 2018!

Written and published by Tamara McCarthy

©2018 Copyrighted Tamara McCarthy Enterprises

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And, if this is your first time on my blog let me introduce myself.

I wear many hats! I am a Kingdom Gal! I am a Jesus Chic! I am an Author, Writer, Motivator, Single Mom and Certified Life and Empowerment Coach! I am earning my Phd in Christian Counseling; so that I can continue my passion and purpose to inspire, motivate, empower and encourage young ladies and women to live a better life!

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When Your Frustration Kicks In: #SpiritualSundays

When Your Frustration Kicks In: #SpiritualSundays

“I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world” John 16:33 (NLT)


How many of us will raise our hands and admit we sometimes get frustrated? Yes, we have faith and yes; we believe in God. But, we also get frustrated! Frustration is a part of life; none of us are perfect and we will all experience this at some point in our lives.

We get frustrated when things don’t go our way! We get frustrated when God doesn’t move when we want him to move! We get frustrated when the people in our lives just can’t and won’t do right!

Women get frustrated when they continually get passed over and must wait for a relationship to come their way. Men get frustrated when they can’t find the right woman. Employees get frustrated that they can’t get the promotion they deserve; unemployed people get frustrated when they can’t find a job; or the right job. Entrepreneurs get frustrated when they don’t make any sales or get any new clients.

Students get frustrated when they don’t have the right teachers in their schools. Teachers get frustrated when they feel neglected and underpaid. Parents get frustrated when their kids won’t listen to their wisdom, knowledge and reasoning. Kids get frustrated when parents won’t allow them to have a voice. Husbands get frustrated when their wives won’t submit; wives get frustrated when their husbands won’t listen or communicate with them.

“Extortion turns a wise person into a fool, and a bribe corrupts the heart. The end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride. Do not be quickly provoked in your spirit, for anger resides in the lap of fools”. Ecclesiastes 7:7-9 (NIV)

Frustration can easily turn into anger; we don’t want to get to that point. When we allow our emotions to take over; then it can easily turn into a negative situation. Anyone of these scenarios can take the wrong turn and that’s what we need to avoid.

As Christians, we want to take this and spin it into a learning curve or a give it a positive outcome. As humans that can sometimes be a hard thing for some of us to do; but, we must find ways to not let our emotions get the best of us.

Check out this article written by Pastor Rick Warren:

What Can You Do When Your Frustration Kicks In?

  1. Take a step back and look at the situation from the outside. What do you see?
  2. Are you allowing your emotions to control you? Do you have a valid reason to be frustrated?
  3. Ask God to step in and fix your heart and your thoughts; allow him to give and show you a different perspective.
  4. Prayer! Everyone one always says this; for every situation! Why? Because it works….
  5. Write it down; why are you frustrated? Writing always helps me; who would of thought that writing can be soothing to your soul.

Written and published by Tamara McCarthy

© 2018 Tamara McCarthy Enterprises (Spiritual Sundays Series)

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And, if this is your first time on my blog let me introduce myself.
I wear many hats! I am a Kingdom Gal! I am a Jesus Chic! I am an Author, Writer, Motivator, Single Mom and Certified Life and Empowerment Coach! I am earning my Phd in Christian Counseling; so that I can continue my passion and purpose to inspire, motivate, empower and encourage young ladies and women to live a better life!

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#SpiritualSundays: Guest Blogger Angie Bee; Same Train – Different Parts of the Track



There are times in your life when you look around and see that you are in a different place than you were before.  Sometimes you even see that your current position is not where you thought you would have been.  Where are you going and who is going with you?  Are you in the same place where others around you expected you to be?  What about your peers?  Are they on the same train with you?  Let us look at the path or the “track” that you are on and see how God has served as your “train conductor” from the very beginning.


Join with me as I envision boarding a train with my family.  We all anticipate arriving at the same destination, at the same time.  We realize that we are not alone on the train as others have boarded the train with us and we anticipate a safe arrival.  Now, what happens if each of my family members settle in to different locations on the train?  My youngest is at the front of the train, my eldest daughter is at the back of the train and my husband and I are in a sleeping section of the train.  Do we all arrive at our destination at the same time, with the same experiences?


My husband and I are still newlyweds after four years of marriage.  February is the five-year anniversary of our first meeting and this is a special time for us.  When Bartee and I first met, he was not TRYING to look at me, and I wasn’t TRYING to talk to him!  God, however had other plans for us and set our trains on the same track.  We met, dated and married within six months and our true love story is now in book form.  Purchase your copy at and search for it on

Bartee was on one train, I was on another and now we are on the same train together!  Look at God!


Let’s get back to that train trip with the family.  As my eldest daughter sits on the back of the train snapping videos of the scenery, my youngest is learning about life as a conductor.  She learned how a train is maintained and asked how a person learns to drive a train.  My husband and I are enjoying the sleeper car as honeymooner’s #NoSleepRequired and we have a “Do Not Disturb” tag on the doorknob. This trip generally becomes a career introduction for my baby girl, while it is a spiritual engagement for my eldest daughter!  Same train, different parts of the track and different experiences for us all.


Do we arrive at our destination at the same time?  Yes, we do, yet we never anticipated the results of our trip.  I never dreamed to be happily married at this time in my life.  My children’s father and I divorced when our daughters were toddlers.  Years later, their stepfather became abusive and we escaped to domestic violence shelters and homelessness.  Men were not on my mind and the train that I intended to travel on was to have been testosterone free.


train tracks

God put me on a different train track.


Bartee was enjoying life as a bachelor, after divorce.  He was not attracted to women with “fuller figures”.  He proclaimed that he was “GOOD BEING SINGLE”.  Re-marriage was not in his vocabulary and my loveliness did not initially catch his eye.



God put Bartee on a different train track.

Parent’s raise their children either with the aid of family, or alone.  Either parents apply what they learned from their parent’s, or they choose to apply a new parenting technique in an effort to show independence.  Some parents started on the track their parent’s put them on, but once their relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ manifests into their lives, their destination changes!


Look at the friends and associates that have entered our lives recently.  Have they invited you or encouraged you to go somewhere you have never been before?  Have you asked, “Lord, is this relationship track that YOU want me to travel on?”  Are you experiencing the same lessons that your peers are experiencing as you are traveling this route?  A person can experience growth when you can see where you have been, and can embrace where you are going.


The law that we should follow is the plan that God has for our life.  If you don’t yet know what that plan is, stay close to an elder that can help guide you and accompany you during this time.  Stay on the train and the track that God is conducting, and watch your life open up for new joys and experiences!  Learn to be content on the train that you are traveling on with God.  You can experience education, revelation and love on the train with God.  You can be on the same train and see different parts of the track when God is your conductor, and be at peace with it!  God’s train will not fly off the track when you are on it.  God’s train will not crash into despair during your trip.  Follow God’s destination plan for your life, get on HIS train and nothing will make you fall.


Psalm 199: 165

Great peace have they who love your law, and nothing can make them stumble.


SPF Logo

I am honored to serve on the Board of Directors of Sword of the Spirit Ministries Florida, Inc. This newly-formed non-profit organization empowers single parents and their children spiritually, physically and financially, and shares the love of Christ through monthly workshops.  The founder of this organization boarded the same train with me as a member of “The TOUR that Angie BEE Presents” several years ago and launched this non-profit as a result of different experiences while on her life travels.  God’s plan for her life is that she is now helping enlarge the territories of others!  Same train (ministry and outreach), different parts of the track (The TOUR that Angie BEE Presents is an evangelism troupe, Sword of the Spirit Ministries Florida, Inc. is a non-profit organization).  Same destination (serving the Lord with gladness), different experiences during the journey.  Same scripture, different interpretation and implementation.  Same God, indescribable love! 


Stay on the train that God has placed you on. It may not be the destination that your “friends” are leading you to, or it may not be the way your parent’s expected you to go but serve God and dedicate your life to Him.  Your rewards along with way will be more than you could ask for or even imagine.  Enjoy the journey!



© 2018 Copyrighted Material Tamara McCarthy Enterprises used with permission Evangelist Angie Bee (Spiritual Sundays)

#SpiritualSundays: 6 Steps to Enlarge Your Borders. Written by Tarsha L. Campbell

Are you yearning to take your life to a whole new level? Do you aspire to reach beyond your current boundaries and enlarge your territory? If you answered “yes” to these two questions than this article is for you! Below are six steps I personally employed in my own life to enlarge my borders and step into the divine spaces prepared for me. Let’s check them out:

  1. Desire More

To desire means to long for. So many people lack desire. They have resolved to settle for the status quo. You must realize in order to have more, you have to reach for more. This means stepping out of your comfort zone and going beyond what you are accustom to. (Matthew 7:7-8)

  1. Envision More

You have to see beyond what’s around you to enlarge your borders. Having vision is important when stretching forth into new territory. Vision is the vehicle that propels you to new dimensions.
Vision involves seeing the new territory before you even leave the station. (Proverbs 29:18)

  1. Seek God For Strategies

When desiring to stretch out into larger territory the first place to start is in prayer. Seeking God for strategies to enlarge your borders is essential to your success. In doing so, you ensure you are moving forth in the right direction.  A strategy is a plan of action, a game plan designed to achieve a goal. Without a plan of action you are planning to fail. (John 2:1-5)

  1. Execute the Plan

Execute means to carry out the plan, to work. This is where most people drop the ball. To enlarge your borders it takes action on your part. When God gives you strategies it’s up to you to work them and see them through to completion. (James 2:17-18)

  1. Avoid “Border Control

In your quest to enlarge your borders you have to avoid people that try to place limits on your growth. It is important to establish divine connections. Be lead by the Spirit to connect with people who are going your way and cut loose from those who try to control your advancement and progress. (Matthew 18:18-20)

  1. Praise God For New Ground

This final step is an act of faith. Even before you reach the new territory you need to acknowledge the one from whom all blessings flow. It is through God’s grace you will accomplish your goal. In praising Him you release His unlimited favor on your behalf! (Psalm 107:7-9)

(Scripture references from King James Version)

© 2018 Tarsha L. Campbell, All rights reserved. This is copy-written material, use only with permission from the author.

Life and Death – Who Do You Miss? #SpiritualSundays

Written by Guest Blogger: Angie Bee

November is a truly special month for me.  It was the month that my first daughter was born in 1990.  It was the month that my mother died in 1999 and November 2012 was the month that my Lord let my husband down the road to find out about me.  November, it is a time for the leaves to change colors and fall to the ground and it is the month where we gather together as family to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast.

Let’s look at the month of December!  Now, that was the month where by grandparents wed and spent nearly 50 years together as husband and wife.  December allowed me to witness my daughters as they were baptized together at Hartford Memorial Baptist Church in Detroit Michigan and December is the month that Christians gather together to celebrate the birth of Christ.  December is also the month that we celebrated the life of my mother, and her funeral service still lives in my heart nearly 20 years later.

Life and Death.  Think about the people that entered your life this past year and consider the deaths; the new opportunities and the doors that were closed. Reflect upon the ebbs and flows in your life this year and take a moment to see how God led you and kept you through it all.  You may be considering your “New Year’s Resolution” during these last two calendar months of the year, but are you considering the path that God has for you during the New Year?

Pastor Joel Osteen preached a message today (November 26, 2017) that talked about stepping out on faith to walk a path, even if you don’t have the destination or the details of the journey.  Abraham told his wife that they were moving because:  “The LORD had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you”. –  Genesis 12:1 (NIV).  If I told some of my relatives that God told us to move, their first response to me would be “WHO GONNA PAY FOR THAT?!”

Well, during 2017 I realized that I was stepping out on faith much more than I had been doing before, and I am excited about this growth.  I see that God has enlarged my territory, he has given me more wisdom and my discernment is quite active now!  WOW!  Thank you Lord!  I have truly grown in 2017 and my “resolution” for 2018 is to keep on stepping out with faith to follow the will of God!

Back in June of 2006, I was given the opportunity to grow.  The Jericho Broadcast Network granted me a daily streaming radio show where I shared scripture, interviewed recording artists and became the very first radio show in the United States to feature Holy Hip Hop music.  The Hottest Home Hotspot WORLDWIDE earned listeners from Africa, Australia and the United Kingdom, it was syndicated over seven additional radio networks in multiple 24-hour time slots, and I was honored to earn an award from the One Accord DJ Alliance as the Best Female Radio Show host in the country.  PRAISE GOD!   That show is now ending and a through the union between my husband and I, there shall now be a new life!

Beginning in January 2018 we invite you to log on and participate in a new talk show entitled “Gettin’ Over The Hump with Angie BEE & Bartee”.  Join us on Wednesday evenings from 7:00 – 7:30 pm EST as we stream live on our page at  This show is the brainchild of my husband Bartee and I am excited to be by his side as we give life to this new outlet!  Our goal is to share the goodness of the Lord and offer encouragement to others as they attend to “get over the hump!”

The New Living Translation of Proverbs 18:21 says “The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences”.  Death will occur.  Doors will close and opportunities will end and finalize.  We miss those that have died, but we must retain what we learned from them and pass that information along to the next generation.  Just keep your eyes on God, take His hand and walk the path He has placed on you.  I love to talk about the goodness of the Lord and through this new talk show I’ll be ready to eat the fruit He has for me in 2018 and beyond.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and we will catch you on “Hump Day”!

#SpiritualSundays will be back January 2018..

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Then I heard the Lord asking, 

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Who will go for us?” I said, “Here I am. Send me.” – Isaiah 6:8

BEE Blessed!

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Do You Trust Him? #SpiritualSundays: Written by Tamara D. McCarthy

does trust mean to you? 

Do you take everything at face value? 

Do you do your own investigation? 

Do you always seek the truth? 

Are you a trustworthy person?

Do you always tell the truth?

What’s up with all the questions; you may be asking yourself? And who exactly are we talking about? Is this about a man? Is it about relationships? 

Trust is sometimes a much sought after quality. I say sometimes because there are times when people don’t want to know the truth; they will settle for anything that makes them feel good or puts their mind at ease. 

    Women will stay in a marriage knowing their husband is sleeping around on them, women will stay in abusive relationships because they believe he will change one day, men overlook the good girl because she has standards and is up front and honest with him!

    We will trust our employer when we go in for a raise or promotion and they tell you “let me see what I can do”. But when God says trust me, believe in me, follow me, worship me and love me; many of us turn the other cheek or completely turn or backs!

    Through it all do you trust him? Will you trust him? Will you allow him into your life, into your home, into your mind, spirit and soul; into every last one of your relationships? Will you trust that he will lead you down the right roads?

    Think about all the times he never left you lonely. Think about when he never left your side. Think about when you thought you wouldn’t make it. Think about when he made sure you had shelter, food and clothing.

    What will you decide?

    Think about it and follow your spirit; where does it lead you?

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