Think Like A Single Mom! No Matter What….

New E-book Available Now! Would you believe me if I told you I put this together in one day? #wonthedoit #jesusisthereason #thankyoujesus #Godislove #Faithful #Humbled 

I had no intention of writing this! Wasn’t on my to-do list! It wasn’t in my saved projects and it definitely wasn’t on my mind! But when you get a download in your spirit! You follow it; right? Well sometimes we do! Lol. I got this download and just ran with it; from the cover to the interior, to the word usage! It was all a dream; none of this came out of my own thoughts! I was like; keep those ideas coming and the creativity was just flowing! #Godisgood 

What does this crafty Ebook have between the pages? I thought you would never ask.. Well you know I just love my single moms right? I have been a single mom for 25 years; so it’s only right I show my peeps some love! #singlemomsrock 

This book is giving Single Moms some simple daily tips on how to pray, how to encourage themselves, how to be empowered and how to stay inspired! There is a morning, afternoon and evening prayer in the book; there are some affirmations and some sayings (quotes) that I have used on my social media outlets as well! 

When others don’t celebrate you; celebrate yourself”.. How often do you hear Single Moms getting their props? A fist bump? A high five? A pat on the back? Not too much right? People are always saying especially in the Christian world “you have to encourage yourself” but is that really a cop out; to get them or others off the hook? Why can’t you just tell others not even just Single Moms that their doing a good job? That they are doing the best with the hand they have been dealt or the hand they choice? Why can’t you say I don’t know how you do it but I admire your strength and courage; keep up the good work? 

My passion, my purpose has been and always will be to help empower, motivate, inspire, and encourage Single Moms/Women; why because I’m in and have been in their shoes! I have been kicked down and battered and I at many times had to pull “myself” up! I don’t want others to have to travel down that road if I can help them along the way!

This book is available here

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