Finding Your Identity…..Who Are You? #SpiritualSundays

How many of us go through life not fully knowing who we are?

Some of you will think to yourself: I know who I am; but, do you really?

When you know who you are; you don’t allow others to mistreat you! You don’t allow others to abuse you! You don’t allow others to use you!

Many of us think we need others to confirm who we are. Then we will start to believe it for ourselves. Why can’t we simple just believe in ourselves? Why do we need another person’s validation? What happens when that person comes along and does more harm than good?

Many of us weren’t taught at an early age; who we were and what we should stand for. So many of us grew up lost and it continued into adulthood. When we had kids we still didn’t fully know who we were and we continued the cycle!

I’m constantly reminding myself of this scripture:

“Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6 (NKJV)

As a parent, we should be continually speaking life into our kids! Praising them when they do good! Giving them high fives and fist bumps! If we don’t; who else will?

We even need to let them know when they are out of line! Just because they are doing something right; it doesn’t mean they won’t be wrong sometimes! Pull them aside and let them know; but in love! Don’t tear them down and don’t belittle them!

Did our parents miss these important steps in our growing up? Is this why so many adults are so out of focus? Is this why so many are walking around acting and sounding dysfunctional? And just don’t know who they are? Really know who they are? Society will suck you into their dysfunction and have you playing a role far from who God called you to be!

Who has God called you to be?

Have you figured it out yet?

Are you walking in your purpose or running away from it?

Written and published by Tamara McCarthy

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Kingdom Gals: For the Love of Money….

What would you do to become rich, wealthy or comfortable? Do you chase money or does money chase you? Are you a lover of money?

Money does make the world go round! Or so they say! But are you suppose to allow money to rule you? Are you supposed to allow it to run your life? Shouldn’t money be under your control?

It seems like everyone and everybody is talking about money these days! Social media is filled with people telling you and showing you various ways to get money, become financially independent and how to become an entrepreneur!

But, is that the will of God for your life or is that some illusion you have become fascinated with? Money is a necessity don’t get me wrong; we all need it to pay bills to survive! But should money be your main focus? Should it become your motive to succeed in this life? Should it become more important than your purpose?

Let’s look at it from this perspective:

Multiple streams of income? Do you welcome this concept? Not sure why I awoke with this on my mind; but as a Single Mom I wish I knew more about this years ago. (The life of a single mom can be hard at times; and money can be scarce at times)

Having multiple streams of income would’ve definitely helped with the bills and just the financial aspect that comes with raising kids!

When you have only one income coming in; you have to stretch it and many times have to make sacrifices to make it work!

Could this be an example of living abundantly? Or being a lender and not a borrower? Or even using the gifts that have been implanted in us to prosper? (From the Bible standpoint what are your thoughts?)

Just remember this; all money isn’t good money! The enemy knows that money is an requirement to live and he will throw all kinds of get rich quick schemes your way! Be on guard and know when it benefits his motives or God’s…..There is a difference..

When we take a look at the Bible we know it talks about “living abundantly” “prospering” “paying your tithes” “being a lender and not a borrower” but does it tell us how to maintain, build wealth, etc.

I believe it does when it speaks on our gifts/talents! We are all supplied gifts and talents but it’s all in how you use them! Are you using them to build up or break down? Are you using them to scheme or mislead? Are you using them to advance your negative lifestyle or motives? Are you using them to change someone’s life?

There are endless opportunities in this world to do some good and live an amazing life according to the Bible!

Things to consider when it comes to money:

1. Money shouldn’t be the main focus!

2. Your Purpose shouldn’t be based off of money!

3. If you have to lie, scheme, kill, sell your soul or your body! Run and don’t look back; it’s definitely not worth it!

4. Every opportunity to gain or build wealth or just survive isn’t a Kingdom opportunity; check the fruit, motives and end game!

5. If it changes your character and outlook on life; then look within and decide if something in you needs to change!

©2017 Copyrighted Material Tamara McCarthy Enterprises (Kingdom Gals Series)