Giving your Mind a Break

Have you ever had to do this? Take a break for your peace of mind? I had to do this recently; had lots going on and I just felt stuffy. I want to believe that it was God’s way of saying; we need to talk and I need your undivided attention! 

People, places and things many times will crowd you and overtake you if you allow it; and especially if you aren’t strong enough to step away. This can be one of the reasons people have mental breakdowns; just the overload of everything rushing them all at once.

I have been praying for clarity for sometime now and I believe I’m starting to get just that. In my hiatus I got a download in my spirit; to incorporate other bloggers, writers and lovers of the word; the bible! In this journey that I have found myself on and call it Spiritual Sunday’s. 

I didn’t know how it was going to be received or if I would get any takers but I put out the call; and some have answered!  I am excited because each one of us are unique in our own way but we all have love and passion for others; and its just going to be awesome! 

The word says that we are to ask and it will be given! I asked for clarity and this is just the beginning! Stay tuned and be on the look out for Spiritual Sunday’s starting the 21st of August..

Until next time..Peace & Blessings