12 Years Single and Counting: From The Desk of a Single Mom

For some; 12 years may seem like a long time. Many think of it only being 12 years of not being in a committed relationship; this is 12 years and counting of no relationship, no dating and no sexual relations!

Very big difference…Anyone can be single but single and no sex; is a whole different ball game! A ball game that many would rather not attend or even be part of.

Some people will tell you that they can’t live without sex! I tell them I’ve had enough sex; to last me a lifetime! Lust isn’t something I’m looking forward to for the rest of my life; I want real unconditional and mutually given love. I’ve had the one sided relationships were you’re the only one interested in commitment and all they want is sex; no thanks I’ll pass.

None of us are perfect! We as women fall for some make believe jokers; who are counterfeit and deceptive. We fell for it; but, don’t allow that to stop you from being an effective woman and an awesome single mom! I’m speaking from experience; I was led to believe that nobody wanted me with kids! Let me tell you somebody wants me! God wants me! God created me to be a purpose-driven woman and can’t no grown boy come in and change that; not anymore!

12 Years Single and Counting:

I didn’t always believe this; I had to get to this place! I had to do my work! I had to release and get delivered from so much that sought to take me out! I had time to get to know me and finally began to love myself….

I became a better Mom! My relationship with my kids was always good; but, it amplified once I surrendered and submitted to God and gave Him my all..

I became a better Woman!

A Purpose-Driven Woman!

A Determined Woman!

A Godly Woman!

A Spiritual Woman!

A Renewed Woman!

I’ve always had the desire to be married but I wanted to be married; to the right man! I didn’t and still don’t believe in divorce. I knew the grown boys that I was playing house with were definitely not fit to fill the role of husband! And, I’m so glad I didn’t settle for the imposters that the enemy had set before me..

3 takeaways I want to leave with you:

1. Don’t allow a defeated mindset to lead you!

2. Don’t allow your right now situation to overtake you.

3. Don’t allow the past situations to immobilize you.

Written and published by Tamara McCarthy

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Free Your Mind Friday’s 

It’s finally here y’all; the day many of us can’t wait to get too!! Friday oh how I love thee; let me count the ways! 

Many of you are excited and jumping up and down because it’s pay day! Well hip hip hooray! Lol, there are some of us just super excited it’s the end of the workweek!! Hallelujah 

Sometimes all you can do on Friday and over the weekend is take a mental break! The work week can be hectic for many especially those with kids! Getting them up for school, fixing them breakfast, getting them dressed; and take them to their bus stop. Then you have to get back home get yourself ready for work, feed and walk your pets, fix you some breakfast or grab something on the way and then get to work! And then once you get to work depending on your job; that can be hectic as well! Is it just me or do I have some witnesses ready to testify?

So what is a girl or guy to do to de-stress?

1. Meditate! Do you remember Martin Lawrence in the movie called Bad Boys? The scene when he was really irritated and he remembered his therapy technique to calm himself down; he rubbed his ears and spoke this words: “Woosah” and then he karate kicked something! Lol this is way different and really simple; close your eyes and take a deep breathe, in and out and imagine yourself on a secluded island with no one and nothing to distract you or disturb your peace and quiet! “Woosah

2. Get a massage! This is a great way to get your relaxation on and popping! Many places have the dim lights and sleepy time music playing! Hey what more can you ask for? Give it a try; you won’t regret it!

3. Get acupuncture! My absolute favorite! It a great stress reliever and takes away pain; its a double portion that you may not get with any other methods!!

4. Go on a weekend getaway and relax! Wherever you are in the world; I’m sure you have some pretty cool places around that you can visit on a Friday evening until Sunday morning! It doesn’t have to be far either; it can be the next town or city over. 

5. Reserve a tech-free day! You should try this once per week preferably Saturday or Sunday it will do your mind some good. Many of us have our phones on us at all the time and it does more harm than good; just think about it. You have all the news outlets at your disposal, social media accounts, etc. All of that media overload; your mind needs a break. 

Now one that I didn’t include in the lineup; is because this can be done any day of the week. Dancing; now I know some of you may not be the best dancer; but who cares! Do this in the comfort of your own home where nobody but you or your family can see you and get a good laugh; what better stress reliever is there than laughter!

Have an amazing weekend! Get your mind in relax mode and rock out!

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