When You Believe in The Big Picture…Written by Tamara D McCarthy

When you believe in the mission and vision of what God has given you! Baby let me tell you! There is a feeling that comes over you that you just can’t shake….
For me this vision began back in 2010 while talking to the youth pastor of the church I was attending at the time. I thought my ministry was just going to involve single moms, because that was who I connected with, being one myself.

But let me say this God knew and saw the bigger picture! We has humans have such a hard time envisioning what God has in store for us and many times it will scare some and they drop the torch! The bigger picture is so much bigger than us and will require crazy faith that some just cant handle..or muster up!!

Some of us like playing it small. That may work for society and small minded people, but it doesn’t work for God! Look at it this way, you want the best for your life? You want the best education for your kids? You want a career that will pay all your bills and allows you to live comfortably? You want the cars, houses and respect from your peers, family and friends, right? This kind of life can’t come about playing it small, especially in today’s society and the world for many of us! You have to have faith! You have to see the bigger picture and God has to be in the mist; if you want to acquire this the right way! 

When you want to help others live and obtain a better more fulfilling life your outlook will appear so much differently!

You don’t care so much about the cars, houses, clothes, jewelry, fake hair, nails done, feet done, etc. You see the bigger picture! If I can get my vision to become a reality and help others, then God will provide! God will see my heart and know that it is good and that I am fully capable at bringing his will to life.

Are we here to satisfy our own needs? Or the needs of others? 

Are we here to judge and crush the minds of others? Or do we create dialogue to bridge any gaps to bring us all together?

Do you walk by a homeless person and give them the evil eye? Or do you stop and lend a helping hand?

Do you turn your nose up at people who are less fortunate? Or do you share and distribute what you have been blessed with?
Just the thoughts of a Single Mom on A Mission…
  © 2017 Tamara McCarthy Enterprises

Free Your Mind Friday: Get your Mind Right

“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect”. Romans 12:2 ESV

It’s time to get your mind right! It’s Friday! The day many couldn’t wait to get here; the question is what are you going to do? Get out and have some fun? Attend some events? Go on a mini retreat? All of these are good ways to free your mind of the daily stress it takes on. 

Don’t go home and replay the week all over again in your head! Whatever happened; let it stay there. Better yet pray about it! Pray that it will get better, pray for the person or group of people that may have caused your week to be stressful and crazy, and pray for yourself and your mind.

We all have bad weeks don’t allow it to ruin your day; don’t let it steal your joy

Heavenly Father I want to pray for the individual reading this on today. I want to pray for their mind, body, soul and spirit. When we get stressed it affects so many other aspects of our lives and we need to be physically, emotionally, and mentally fit; to take on the day and whatever comes our way. Heavenly Father continue to protect our mind from corruption and destruction! Protect our hearts from hardening towards anyone who may try to cause negativity to flow through our lives. Guard us from the people, places and things that don’t serve us well and try to cause harm or confusion. All these things we pray in the mighty name of your son Jesus! Amen.