Christian Author Spotlight: Torre A. Stocker


This week’s featured author is Torre A. Stocker.

Who is he?

Why did he write this book?

What are his accomplishments?

Who is his target market?

What is his motivational message to you; the reader?

Find out below:

Success Moments was written, not as a devotional or one day read, but as a tool to assist individuals with critically thinking about where they are in life. The purpose of the book is to motivate individuals to pursue success in every area of life.

My target market is not limited to entrepreneurs or small business owners. Success Moments speaks to every individual at any walk in life. From the college student to the adult that is seeking a career move, this book will broaden the horizon of your mind and open you up to a new world of provoked thoughts.

Success Moments is a collection of conversation pieces that will provoke critical thinking and a thought process that will yield residual measures of success. The purpose of this book is to educate, empower, and engage individuals to consider a holistic approach to success in every area of life. By educating the reader through various topics, they will be empowered to engage in any business sector. Each conversational moment of success is followed by a challenge to apply the knowledge and consider methods to maximize the opportunity for continual success.

I want to encourage every reader to take each thought in this book and allow it to be instrumental to their personal and professional growth and development. At the end of each conversational piece, the reader is able to write in the book to maintain an account of how this the motivational moment can attribute to their success.

I want to thank all the authors thus far that have allowed me to Spotlight their work, their knowledge, wisdom, inspirational messages and their gifts! Thank you all so much; we have to get out our messages by all means necessary!

And I can’t forget about the amazing Evangelist Angie Bee and her husband Bartee and their show that airs on Facebook Live every Wednesday that spotlights and interviews all of our featured authors as well!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙏🏽

Kingdom work isn’t easy but we continue to press!

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Christian Author Spotlight: Chantea M. Williams

Who is Chantea M. Williams?

Chantea M. Williams is a chef, author, speaker and mentor, who loves encouraging the people of God to become greater through the word of God. Through her gifts, God created the Greater Working Women Ministries. They strive to encourage, empower and equip women from all walks of life to live out their God given purpose with holy boldness. Sign up for the monthly newsletter at for upcoming events. For booking information email

Why I wrote the book:

To share my story and others as a teen/young mother in order to help others.

Target Audience:

Young mothers ages 13-21

Book Description:

This anthology is a compilation of enthralling women who are sharing their evocative stories of experiencing motherhood for the very first time. From homelessness, rape, abuse and looking for love in all the wrong places, these women were determined not to allow their circumstances to determine their destinies. They defied the odds against them and went from a statistic to a SUCCESS! The imagery will propel you to feel, believe and declare, “I AM STILL SOMEBODY!” There’s A Jewel In You was written to encourage, empower and equip young mothers for greater. It takes a JEWEL to see a JEWEL and that’s what we see in you.

Inspirational Message:

No matter what you have gone through in life, Giving Up Is Never An Option! You can go from a statistic to a success if you believe in yourself despite your circumstances. You were already created with greatness on the inside of you. Speak Greater, Live Greater, Be Greater!

“Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ”. (Philippians 1:6)

©️2018 Tamara McCarthy Enterprises used with permission Chantea M. Williams (Christian Author Spotlight)

Christian Author Spotlight: Denise Walker

Denise M. Walker is an author, educator, podcaster, writing coach, editor, and promoter of Christian and children’s literature. She is the founder, instructor, and curriculum writer for Project H.O.P.E. Youth Institute. Her new book is titled: Hannah’s Hope. This is her first youth novel that will be used as a mentoring tool. She is also the author of a youth journal, “Re-Presenting God: Taking a Healthy Look at the Holy One of Israel. This journal is on the deity of Christ. It helps youth to understand that their Identity is found in Him.

I wrote Hannah’s Hope to bring awareness to the area of child abuse in students at the middle school level. Also, to get young girls to feel free to talk using the character, Hannah and to report their abuse. In addition, I create journals/workbooks to help build literacy and the true identity of Christ in middle grades teens.

My target market is teen girls and/or any parents, teachers, mentors, Christian youth counselors, or youth ministry leaders.

Hannah’s Hope addresses the topic of child abuse. Hannah, like many other children, attends school daily and puts the best on the outside while screaming “Help me” on the inside. Hannah often wonders, “Why do I have to endure such a horrible secret? Why can’t I just live a normal life? Besides, I’m only twelve years old. Are my other classmates going through the same thing?”


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Christian Author Spotlight: Tonia Shalel

Now; how many single women out there are waiting on their Boaz? Do you know what you have to do while your waiting? Have you received instructions, clarity; or directions? How would you feel if there was a book that was written that would give you some insight into what to do; while you wait?

First of all; you may want to know who the author is; right?


Let’s find out:

Tonia Shalel is first and foremost a disciple of Jesus Christ. She is a best-selling author, life coach and speaker. She is the founder of Ruth and Boaz in the Meantime Ministries and is passionate about Christians discovering and walking in their purpose.
Having been blessed with the spiritual gift of encouragement in all of her career choices (teaching, Human Resources) she has mentored many people that the Lord has called her to walk with. Tonia’s purpose in life is to raise her daughter in the fear of the Lord and to model what an authentic relationship with Jesus looks like.

She is raising a future Proverbs 31 woman and takes that assignment very seriously. Additionally, her second purpose in life is to encourage Christian singles to passionately pursue their Kingdom assignment from the Lord.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education from State University of New York, College at Old Westbury, a Master’s degree in Communication Studies from California State University, Los Angeles, an HR Management certificate from The University of California, Irvine and holds a Life Coach certification from Life Coach Training Institute, accredited by the International Association of Certified Coaches.

So, now that we know more about the author; let’s find out why she wrote this book; in her own words:
The Lord laid it on my heart to begin writing this book shortly after My Beauty for Ashes was released.  As a woman of God who is preparing for God ordained marriage I wanted to share with other single Christian women my process. There were specific steps the Lord told me to take in order to prepare for my husband and in my book I share these tips with the reader.  (did you see that? Tonia is sharing her instructions that she received from God!) We can’t be out of order ladies; we have to listen to Our Heavenly Father and He will provide instructions! And many times it will be spoken through someone else!

Tonia has written this book specifically for:  
Single Christian women who desire a God-ordained marriage.
Here is a brief description of the book;  Boaz, The Promise and The Wait:
Waiting on God can sometimes feel like forever for the single Christian woman. In Boaz, the Promise and the Wait, Tonia takes the reader through the necessary steps when waiting on God. Through biblical principles, she will empower you to pursue purpose and heal your heart while preparing for your God-ordained husband.
To buy Tonia’s Book; check out
I will add this as well; I happen to have a copy of this book! Thank you Tonia! I happen to be a Single Christian Woman Waiting on God! And; let me tell you the “wait” does feel like forever; but, I do know that there is no-one in this world that can bless us like God can! So, I wait; and I love reading books like Tonia’s for encouragement, inspiration and reminders that we have work to do while we wait! 
This is an excerpt that I love from the book: “Woman of God, you must heal in order to be whole and ready for your husband”. Tonia Shalel
© 2018 Tamara McCarthy Enterprises used with permission (Tonia Shalel) Christian Author Spotlight

Christian Author Spotlight: Shanniki P. Green

Christian Author Spotlight continues with our next featured author! If you are anyone you know would like to be featured; send an email to tamaramccarthyenterprises@gmail for more information….

Now, for our featured author; Shanniki P. Green..Who is she?

Shanniki P. Green, is a Fluvanna County native, an Inspirational Speaker, Entrepreneur and Author of “Understanding God’s Purpose for Your Life.”

As a single mother and a devout Christian, her trust in God allowed her to turn her pain into purpose. In 2013, she went through a devastating separation and divorce. It was during this time that she learned to lean on God and through this journey she was able to find her purpose. Through her pain she birthed her business Heavenly Events. In 2014, Shanniki became an ABC (American Bridal Association) Certified Wedding Planner.

Because she values the importance of bringing inspiration and hope to others, in 2016, Shanniki created the brand- “Designed for A Purpose” which is dedicated to empowering others to walk in their Purpose. Drawing on her personal experiences as a Domestic Violence Survivor and an overcomer, her passion is to teach others (especially Women) that their life has purpose and how to find and walk in that purpose. Shanniki has been a volunteer at a local Women’s Shelter as a workshop facilitator for Women who are victims of Domestic Violence.

Shanniki keeps busy whether by spending time with her daughter, serving in her church as the Youth Director and member of the Media Ministry, coordinating Weddings or bettering her community through her annual Youth Empowerment events, in which she encourages the youth to believe in themselves and be who they were created to be.

How do you come to begin writing?

Becoming an author was never something I would have planned for myself. After my separation from my ex husband I became very depressed and lonely. During that time I learned to depend on God. Once I surrendered my life to Him things started changing for me. Through Him I found my purpose. I wrote this book because God told me to do so, He gave me the title as well. He said it is time to share with others who I am and what I can do.

Who is your target market?

My target market is Women. Women who feel hopeless, women who struggle with life, women who are or have been in Domestic Violence situations, women struggling with lonliness, divorce,etc. All that I’ve been through, I know it was to be able to help others.

Tell us more about your book:

“Understanding God’s Purpose For Your Life”, will give you meaning, purpose and direction for the life God created for you. In this book, I offer the principal guidelines to discovering your purpose.

Special message for those reading this;

God created each of us on purpose for a purpose. Don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t happen right away, in due time it will manifest. It’s time to tap into your destiny because you are Designed For A Purpose.

Where is your book available for purchase:

Amazon and Barnes and Nobles

©️2018 Tamara McCarthy Enterprises Used with Permission Shanniki P. Green

Christian Author Spotlight: Tarsha L. Campbell

This is the 2nd Featured Author of 2018! Now if you don’t know who Tarsha L. Campbell is; you are truly missing out! For those of you that do know her; then you are in good company!

I know Tarsha personally but I did ask the question: Who Is Tarsha L. Campbell?

Tarsha L. Campbell is a dynamic Woman of Destiny! With this mandate she humbly serves her community and globally as an entrepreneur, international empowerment speaker, certified life coach, business consultant, and mentor. She is the founder, publisher, and principal designer of DOMINIONHOUSE Publishing & Design, LLC, a publishing and graphic design firm dedicated to publishing with divine ingenuity and creative excellence.

Tarsha is the author of seven popular books, with her more recent release being My Next Step Vision Board Dream Journal & Planner. Tarsha is passionate about helping others find and fulfill their life purpose, and launch their dreams.

She serves emerging leaders through her businesses Tarsha Campbell Empowers, WOMB Mentoring Incubator & Delivery Room, and through the non-profit organization she founded, Revealed International Women’s Empowerment Network, Inc.

Her latest book is a jewel that you will want to add to your collection! I grabbed me a copy and let me tell you it has truly been blessing my entire life!

I wanted to know and I’m sure you do as well; why did Tarsha complete her latest book?

“I wrote this book as a result of coaching and mentoring people and realizing they needed help staying focused on their God-given dreams and visions. Some were just stuck in a rut and needed motivation, plus a viable system to move them forward. Others were motivated, but simply overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start to achieve what they were dreaming and envisioning for their life.

My purpose for writing this book was to share a strategy I have used in my life, businesses and ministry for many years that has yielded major progress and breakthrough. This success strategy included dreaming big, utilizing the power of vision, and then employing what I call a “Next Step” strategy to take action every day in order to see my dreams and visions become my reality.

I’m a firm believer that God is always showing you snapshots of His dream and vision for your life. You, however, have to become aware of what He is showing you and stay focus by doing your part in order for it to fully come to fruition. The My Next Step Vision Board Journal & Planner is designed to help you realize your God-given dreams and visions, and take you from stagnation to manifestation, and ultimately breakthrough!”

Now that you know Tarsha’s reason for writing the book; let’s see who her target market is?

⁃ “People who feel stuck and in a rut and want to move forward

⁃ People who aren’t stuck, but want to accelerate their growth and see dream and vision manifestation

– People looking for a breakthrough strategy”

I am not ashamed to say it but; I am all 3 of these! And that’s why I got the book; will you join me? Let’s see what’s included in this amazing book.

Get ready to:

“Dream out loud

Envision in color

And plan the next steps to make what you desire and see your reality

Hot off the press from the Coach in a Book SeriesTM, this uniquely crafted dream journal-planner provides space for you to create subject-specific vision boards for six important areas of your life:



•​Health & Fitness



•​Ministry/Community Service

Once your vision boards are created, then use the specially designed planning and journal worksheets to help you plan and chart your next steps to make what you envision a reality in your life.

Also use the custom-built personal development pages to record and express your intentions for the year.

The journal-planner includes inspirational and motivational sections and fill in journaling and planning pages to help you plan a phenomenal year of success and breakthrough!”

The pages include:

•​My Vision Boards (6 key areas of your life)

•​My Next Step Strategies Section


•​My I WILL & I AM Declarations

•​Weekly Projects, desired outcomes, deadlines

•​Weekly To Do List

•​Execute the Vision: My Major Projects for the Year


•​My Objective

•​Key Action Steps

•​Completion Deadlines

•​Who can help me?

•​Products & services I need

•​Projected cost

•​Notes, summary

•​Ideas, inspiration, questions

•​My Accountability Partner

•​My Monthly Finance Tracker

•​Enrichment & Entertainment Section

•​Books to read

•​Movies & documentaries to watch

•​What would I do if I had no limitations

•​Courses to take

•​Inspiration & Motivation Section

•​People that inspire me

•​Things that inspire me

•​Websites to remember

•​My Bucket List

•​Conferences & retreats to attend

•​My Gratitude Journal

•​Inspirational Quotes

To view the book trailer and to order your copy, visit:

©️2018 Tarsha L. Campbell Used with Permission Tamara McCarthy Enterprises

Christian Author Spotlight: Ashley Porter

As a Self-Published Christian Author we have to find ways to put our work out there; I want to help those in the same boat as me!

Today starts something that I would love to continue throughout 2018 and beyond! Put a spotlight on my fellow authors and showcase their work.

First up is Ms. Ashley Porter; you may be asking yourself; who is she?

There’s no escaping the calling over your life. No one knows that better than Ashley Porter who not only embraces her divine purpose, but helps others do the same.

Through blogging, motivational speaking/ teaching, empowerment coaching/mentoring; Ashley is committed to breaking generational curses and reclaiming family unity.

This dedication affirmed her decision to start Virtuous Visionaries, where she mentors and coaches women who are ready to thrive in their purpose. Ashley founded Goal Getters Empowerment Association in 2013 which is focused on youth.

Ashley enjoys traveling, loving and laughing with her son, Daniel. She’s a multi-talented soul with many skills.

Her book is called Basic Training: How to Prepare for your Spiritual Quest.

What does Ashley say about her book and why she wrote it?

This book is a literal answer to a prayer. In 2014, a friend of mine mentioned she believed in a “higher power” but was unsure about the Bible because people wrote it. She was they type of person with an answer for everything so instead of arguing, I said to myself “I got something for her!” I went home that night and I prayed and I asked God to show me how He used people to write the Bible so I can tell her the truth- within the next 6 days I wrote the entire book.

I also asked Ashley; who did she plan to reach with writing her book?

The target market for this book is pretty broad, this book is for any and everyone. Regardless of age, gender, background this book is a tool to equip and reposition the reader to be in alignment with their God given purpose.

If you’re reading this then Ashley has a special message for you:

If you have a pulse, you have purpose. However, identifying and preparing for your divine calling is not a simple task.

You will need faith, the currency of the kingdom, because when our faith grows, we gain access to kingdom knowledge; but not before we go through a series of tests.

Based on the word of God, Basic Training serves as a light to your path, helping you realign with God’s desires by first moving you out of your own way.

Each chapter trains you to further develop the necessary tenacity, discipline, courage and patience to survive periods of discomfort and doubt.

When people enlist in any branch of the military, they have to go through basic training. This also holds true for your Christian walk of faith.

You will be tested and required to step up and out of your comfort zone to become the best possible you.

What is God trying to tell you through your current season in life?

You can visit her website here:

And purchase her book as well!

Thank you Ms Ashley Porter for allowing us to showcase your book.

©️2018 Tamara McCarthy Enterprises used with permission (Ashley Porter)

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New Year…Just The Beginning_________2018

With each new year, comes new resolutions and goals; but what does God have nestled away for you to experience in the year 2018? People are always making predictions of what we can expect; but God is the only one that can shower you with blessings and favor! That is my prayer for you in this upcoming year and beyond! Is that God, bless you and show you as well as those around you with endless favor; grace and mercy!

Stay tuned as we step into some new adventures starting Wednesday January 3, 2018.

Christian Author Spotlight is where we will highlight other Christian Authors and their books. We have also partnered with Angie Bee and Bartee Productions.

They have a new show they are starting January 3, 2018 and will air every Wednesday in 2018 and every author that is featured on our website will also get a shout-out the same day on their show!

Look you never know what God has in store for you! When this idea came to me I wasn’t even aware that Ms Angie Bee and Mr Bartee was doing there show on Wednesday’s the same day the Christian Author features on my website! Look at God! I just want to be obedient and follow His lead.

So please join us Tell All Your Friends and Family; and meet us on Wednesday’s throughout 2018…