Tamara McCarthy Enterprises is founded by a Single Mom who for years searched for her purpose and one day it became clear. Sometimes the very thing you are dealing with is all for a reason. Helping others has always been her #1 passion so the journey begins…..

Tamara is an Author, Writer, Motivator and Single Mom. She has earned her MBA in Management, Bachelors in Marketing and certified in Human Resources. It has always been her passion to uplift, motivate, encourage and inspire young ladies and women to live their best life; and now it is her purpose.

Tamara has written a few books here are some of the titles;  The Start of Something Great Praying Through Life’s Trials and Tribulations, and Single Mom You Aren’t Alone: Becoming a Single Woman of Purpose and The Single Woman Chronicles: God, Men & You. All of her books are available at http://www.amazon.com and by contacting the author at singlemomofpurpose@gmail.com


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