It’s Father’s Day: Spiritual Sundays- Evangelist Angie Bee

My daddy still lives with me here on this earth.  I give God praise for this!  I have three friends that lost their fathers in 2018 and I still have them in my prayers as they adjust to this change in their lives.

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My daddy lives in Michigan and I live in Florida.  Once a year he packs his wife in the car and makes the drive to my state in order to vacation in his timeshare for a week.  In the beginning of his vacation years 20 years ago, he would spend a week in Florida and I would just LOOSE MY MIND by his presence!  I would bust up on their vacation and just be a talkative, obnoxious child, sitting at my daddy’s feet.  I would even bring my kids to invade their privacy! Hmmph!  The nerve of me!!!

Over the years, they would extend their vacation from one week to two weeks, spending the second week on a cruise.   Some times, they would bring my infant nephew and he would cruise with them.  It was during those times that I would fully embrace Exodus 20:17 which said –   “You shall not covet your neighbor’s house. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or his male or female servant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor.”  My parent’s didn’t know it then, but during some of those early visits, my kid’s and I were homeless.  We bounced around to live in hotel rooms, trying to save up enough for security deposits for the next apartment.  I would get our groceries from the food bank and do all that I could to help my then-husband find and keep a job.  That annual visit to their timeshare was a break from hell for us, and it was a precious time for us too, but when they would leave to go on their cruise… oh my… #TakeMeWithYou #ThouShallNotCovet.  Thank you for that lesson, Lord.

In 2011 my Heavenly Father ordained me to launch a ministry featuring Holy Hip Hop concerts, testimonial workshops, book signings and a prophetic preached word.  The TOUR that Angie BEE Presents may bear my name, but it gives God all the glory He deserves.  God loves a party and on our anniversary this summer… I plan to party!  I plan to “dance like David danced” and rejoice out loud because Our Father continues to send us out to represent HIM!  I plan to celebrate because God has allowed this ministry to grow!  TOUR members have married, given birth, written books, survived losses, bought houses, become entrepreneurs and launched ministries!  THANK YOU GOD!  Thank you God!

This year, I will spend Father’s Day in Michigan with my Father!  I rejoice over that timing!  This is the first time in DECADES that I have been present in the same state with my daddy, in order to celebrate HIM on this day!  I encourage each of you to celebrate your earthly fathers, whether present with you are residing elsewhere.  I encourage you to celebrate the blessings you have received from your heavenly father!  Begin making a daily list of your blessings and post them on social media or in your journal.  Thank God for waking you up on time for work and thank him for covering you as you ended your day with rest.  Thank you father for his dedication in your life or thank him for returning to your life after an absence.  Thank God for the little things and thank your earthly father for helping to make you the person that you are.  I thank my daddy for my lovely looks (I look like my handsome daddy) and thank God for your life, health and strength.  Practice thanking your earthly daddy and watch how that gratitude can translate to praise for your heavenly father!  Don’t just wait until Sunday morning to give God praise and don’t wait until Father’s Day to thank your earthly father.  Celebrate every day!  Celebrate every hour of the day and rejoice in the day for this is the day the Lord has made!

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Psalm 118:24

This is the day the Lord has made;
We will rejoice and be glad in it.

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