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Its My Birthday

It’s My Birthday!

by “Da Queen Bee” Evangelist Angie BEE


On November 30, 1999, my mother left this earth for her new home in Heaven. She was only 54 years old. On Tuesday, May 8th 2018, I will celebrate my 53rd birthday! I wonder what my mother was thinking as she celebrated her 53rd birthday back in 1998. She didn’t know that THAT was going to be her last full year on earth; as 16 months later she was gone.

How do I plan to spend the next 16 months of my life? By serving the Lord with gladness! I plan to write, speak, preach, narrate, stretch, lose weight and love with my whole life and ability! I plan to follow the Lord and go where He sends me! I plan to treat others better than they treat me and I plan to introduce others to Christ through my actions, deeds and words. What do YOU plan to do?

God has been good to me since my mother left me, to be by His side. My children are now grown adults, successfully pursuing careers and relationships. The Lord allows me to run the ministry that bears my name and I am a #1 Best Selling author on Amazon. God sent an anointed man to find and marry me and we are business owners and home owners! My Lord kept me as I fell ill and He allowed me to be healed.  He even turned the depression mental illness in my life into a ministry of love. These past few years of my life, I have grown and shared more than I ever could have imagined, and I give God all the praise for it.

But… that word in itself is dangerous – B-U-T. But God… I miss my mom. Each year that I grow closer to her age of death, I wonder. Will I die of a massive heart attack at the age of 54 the way she did? Will I leave my home and possessions for my children to sort through, the way she did? Will I miss out on the lives of my children and grandchildren the way she did? It’s easy to be spiritual when God is holding your hand, but God… I miss my mom.

My birthday is always celebrated around Mother’s Day. That is a cool set-up for my children, because we celebrate two holidays at the same time. It’s a beautiful celebration for me as well, because my stepmom’s birthday is the day after mine! As a child, I shared my birthday with my mom’s dad and even my great grandmother’s birthday was on May 9th! While I was growing up, my family had many reasons to celebrate during the week of May 8th. I miss those family gatherings that included food, laughter and presents.

As my grandparent’s began to move to heaven and then my mom, my heart would grow heavy each year as I had one less person to celebrate my birthday with. Now, I have learned to give God praise for those memories and to serve HIM as my personal celebration. How many people can say they grew up with a mom, three grandmas, three granddads, two great-grandmothers and a dad in the home? I was blessed. I remain blessed and I am thankful.

I will celebrate my 53rd birthday this year by boarding an airplane to Chicago. My intern is graduating from college and I am going to be the loudest spectator in the audience as he walks across the stage! My hubby and I will celebrate Mother’s Day by sharing our true love story during a book signing at St. John AME Church on Bilter Road in Aurora. Why do I choose to spend my birthday and Mother’s Day week in this manner? If Jesus could give His life for our salvation, the least I could do is spend my celebratory time giving him praise!

Don’t dwell on the losses that you have experienced in life. Avoid the pity-party thoughts. Remember the good times and rejoice over the period that you are experiencing right now! Wake up each morning and thank God for the little things. Thank Him for the bacon that you didn’t burn. Thank Him for the car that started and drove you to work. Thank Him for the health and the healing, and thank Him for the memories. I may not be “dancing” as I turn 53 years old, I certainly do have JOY! https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Psalm+30%3A11-12&version=AMP

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Happy Mother’s Day-in-Heaven to my Mom and may each and every one of you find a reason to celebrate and give God praise today and everyday!

BEE Blessed

You have turned my mourning into dancing for me; you have taken off my sackcloth and clothed me with joy, that my soul may sing praise to you and not be silent. O Lord my God, I will give thanks to you forever.

Psalm 30:11-12

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BEE Blessed!



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