Kingdom Gals: Faith

Faith: Written by Latoya Olivia Guion

The Holy Ghost visited me concerning this word.  It’s only one word, small yet powerful and profound.  Unfortunately us as believers don’t use this word as much as we should.

For whatever reason we think it applies to only certain situations and circumstances. When in fact it should be used for any trial or tribulation you are faced with.

We as believers are faced with many challenges, some challenges we don’t even recognize to be actual challenges.

Health, wellness, eating properly, (3rd John 1:2) letting God choose our Adam, bringing that dream or idea to fruition.

Faith should be used in our home with our children, as they are faced with a mountain of should be used with our husbands, and friends.

Faith is needed in every situation  that we face. Faith is just activating your belief in what God has told you about your life, even without seeing it.  Walking in confidence and assurance that he will deliver on his promises!!

Believing what he tells you in his Word. So you might be wondering what exactly did God speak to me about?  Well he woke me up a few weeks ago with Ephesians 6:10-17.

This chapter in Ephesians speaks of putting on the whole Armor of God. But what was so profound to me was the verse that talks about faith, The SHIELD OF FAITH to be exact.

Ephesians 6: 16. God considers The SHIELD OF FAITH to be extremely important.  As a matter of fact he says in the scripture above all of the other Armor, having the SHIELD OF FAITH!

I literally had to activate my SHIELD OF FAITH this week with my 15-year-old daughter and her school teacher, who has been bullying her and intimidating her since the first week of school.

It started with attacking her character as a person, this teacher kept trying to create a person that doesn’t exist, to feed her own insecurities about my black daughter.

It started with sending her home with a conduct grade that was contrary to who she is, and who her other teachers and coaches knows she is.

We sat down with the principal on Monday, he immediately recognized that something was wrong, as my daughter began to tell him the stories of how she is singled out in class for no reason, and for simply trying to do her work properly in a group.

We left the office knowing that he would be speaking to this particular teacher, and he gave my daughter the assurance that she could always come to him if she had any more problems. The next day this teacher attacked my daughter verbally, entered her personal space, threatened to kick her out of class simply because she wanted to do her assignment on a whiteboard which is the proper procedure, so her peers could actually see what she was doing and understand. My daughter immediately left the classroom went to the principal in tears. Now me as her mother when I heard this, was infuriated.

I had emotions that I cannot even explain! Emotions of feeling like I had no control because my daughter was in a situation of racial injustice in her classroom. This led me to get on my knees and pray! I had to pray because I had an actual meeting I had to go to and sit with this teacher and look her in the face, later on that day.  I knew I could not go into this meeting feeling the way that I did.

So I called on my God for help!  I placed my daughter’s picture in my Bible a few weeks ago, not knowing what scripture I had placed it by. Once I finished praying and asking God for help, I asked him to lead me to a scripture, I decided to open the Bible up where my daughters picture was, and low and behold Psalm 64 was there, talking about how the enemy plots and spits arrows of lies from their tongues, but how God will shoot arrows back at the enemy making them confused and stopping their attacks!

I advise you read Psalm 64.  When I read this, my Faith was activated, I knew that he was letting me know that he had my daughter and he had me!  I immediately had a peace and a calm, and I walked into that room and said everything I needed to say. Needless to say everybody in the room including the counselor and the principal knew what kind of people we were (my daughter and I)and who this teacher is.

I watched Psalm 64 play out in this meeting, Literally!! The Principal spoke very highly of my daughter and he’s only met her twice! See when the devil tried to paint an evil picture, me activating the Shield of Faith blocked it!

When the  enemy comes for you at every side, when he attacks your head,  your feet your heart, and your mind, have the SHIELD OF FAITH! Meaning no matter what you feel, no matter what you think, no matter the lie the enemy Creates, no matter what the situation or the circumstance, if you Activate your SHIELD OF FAITH, you are Shielded from the fiery darts, schemes, and treachery of the enemy!

So if the enemy tells you are not good enough? Raise your SHIELD OF FAITH! If the enemy tells you, your dreams are to big? Raise your SHIELD OF FAITH!

If the enemy tells you, you won’t be Healed, can’t write that book, have that Job, be debt free? Raise your SHIELD OF FAITH! Pretty much no matter how bad it looks, feels or seems, it’s a lie! Raise and Activate your SHIELD OF FAITH!  Because when you do, you activate a power like none other in existence!

A power that can’t be suppressed or conformed!  A power that is undeniable…you activate God himself!  So now….Whose report will you believe?  Well I believe the report of the Lord….and so should you!


2017 Copyrighted Material used with permission for (Kingdom Gals Series)


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Tamara Mccarthy Enterprises

Tamara is an Author, Writer, Motivator and Single Mom! She is earning her PHd in Christian Counseling; and has always had a passion to inspire and motivate young ladies and women and now it has become her purpose in life. She is also a Certified Life and Empowerment Coach.

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