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Many times we as Singles will not be granted access to the season of marriage because we haven’t done what we have been told, shown or directed to do! 

We are all here for a purpose! If you spend all day running and chasing after a man or women; then how are you chasing after your purpose? 

How are you about your Father’s Business? Jesus was about his Father’s business and he had little time for anything else; especially if it was a distraction to what he had been assigned to accomplish!

What, who, and where have you been assigned to? Do you even know? Or is chasing someone more important than you finding out? What if the very person that you are chasing after is leading you away from your purpose? Just think; if this person was the one, then why are You chasing Them? Let that sink in; let it marinate and just allow that to penetrate your mind for a minute.

Married couples many times get married for the wrong reasons and then wonder why there is so much conflict and dysfunction! 

Well for starters where is God in your relationship? Did he bring you two together or was it done on a personal level? You chased him and he got tired of running or vice versa? He needed a place to stay and you had space; it turned sexual, you got pregnant and he wanted to do the “right” thing? Both of you were up in age didn’t want to be alone; so you got married? Where was God in any of this?

Ladies when you think of a potential mate; you want it to be someone you can trust! You want it to be someone who will trust you; there are some men who don’t trust themselves so in turn don’t and won’t trust you! When this happens jealousy and many times abuse may rear its ugly head; domestic violence isn’t love!

Men when you have been cheated on or been the cheater; you want to deal with that issue! You want to go through some kind of counseling to get to the root of the cause and effect so when you do decide you’re ready for full blown commitment you don’t mess it up because of any past issues. 

Everyone always suggests this for women but men come into relationships with lots of baggage as well! Men come from single parent household they may have been lacking a dad and sometimes mom isn’t around; those issues need to be dealt with.

So on the flip side; fellas you want a mate that you’re able to trust and she can trust you. Just think about if neither one of you have done your work and come into the relationship with trust issues among other things; that is disaster waiting to happen and stress all around; who wants to deal with that?

What if you’re already engaged or married and this is the issue? No trust has been there from day one; are both parties even open to working it out? 

This may seem like a crazy question; because many assume that if you’re engaged or married; then you had to trust the person. 

Nope because so many people marry for the wrong reasons! There can be no love or trust; just lust! Lust don’t last always! There can be no love, no trust and no lust; but money and lots of it! Who marries for money?

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Tamara Mccarthy Enterprises

Tamara is an Author, Writer, Motivator and Single Mom! She is earning her PHd in Christian Counseling; and has always had a passion to inspire and motivate young ladies and women and now it has become her purpose in life. She is also a Certified Life and Empowerment Coach.

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