What does being a Christian really mean?

Let’s start out with what it doesn’t mean:
1. You aren’t exempt from trials and tribulations! Meaning you will still go through some hard times after you are saved and walking the walk; but you have the word to get you through and to be used as your ammunition; when the attack surfaces.

2. You aren’t perfect! People on the outside looking in think that once you get saved and are vocal about it; that you got this crown on that doesn’t tarnish! There are no perfect human beings; the difference is when you give your life back and make the decision to live differently, there is a change in your walk pattern; you backtrack from all the places, people and things you were accustomed to.
3. Being a Christian means you are in training every single day of your earthly life. You will have trials, you will be tempted, you will be looked upon as different; but your responses should change! 
4. Your outlook should be brighter and the expectations should be beyond anything the natural eye can see! 
Many times when you encounter someone with crazy faith; you think they are just that, crazy! We don’t know what they have been through, what they are going through or what they have yet to face but they will greet you will the biggest smile and give you words of encouragement; motivation and inspiration because of who they strive to be like. 
Where in the bible have you seen Jesus down in the dumps? Have you seen anywhere in the bible where he didn’t encourage or empower the individuals that he encountered? The days leading up to him knowing that he would lay his life down; did you hear him speaking or thinking defeat? Did he not go through life with the best expectations? 
When you encounter people who don’t like you; how do you respond? Before you answer or even think about it; how did Jesus respond? How did he interact with them?
So many of us are thinking of our haters! That’s what we call them right? She hates me, he hates me! While this may be the true; let’s think about it and answer this question! Who are they? 

Stop giving your power away to situations; and people who don’t deserve it! 
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Singleness_Real-Love_Purpose & Truth #MyFutureHusband

Many times we as Singles will not be granted access to the season of marriage because we haven’t done what we have been told, shown or directed to do! 

We are all here for a purpose! If you spend all day running and chasing after a man or women; then how are you chasing after your purpose? 

How are you about your Father’s Business? Jesus was about his Father’s business and he had little time for anything else; especially if it was a distraction to what he had been assigned to accomplish!

What, who, and where have you been assigned to? Do you even know? Or is chasing someone more important than you finding out? What if the very person that you are chasing after is leading you away from your purpose? Just think; if this person was the one, then why are You chasing Them? Let that sink in; let it marinate and just allow that to penetrate your mind for a minute.

Married couples many times get married for the wrong reasons and then wonder why there is so much conflict and dysfunction! 

Well for starters where is God in your relationship? Did he bring you two together or was it done on a personal level? You chased him and he got tired of running or vice versa? He needed a place to stay and you had space; it turned sexual, you got pregnant and he wanted to do the “right” thing? Both of you were up in age didn’t want to be alone; so you got married? Where was God in any of this?

Ladies when you think of a potential mate; you want it to be someone you can trust! You want it to be someone who will trust you; there are some men who don’t trust themselves so in turn don’t and won’t trust you! When this happens jealousy and many times abuse may rear its ugly head; domestic violence isn’t love!

Men when you have been cheated on or been the cheater; you want to deal with that issue! You want to go through some kind of counseling to get to the root of the cause and effect so when you do decide you’re ready for full blown commitment you don’t mess it up because of any past issues. 

Everyone always suggests this for women but men come into relationships with lots of baggage as well! Men come from single parent household they may have been lacking a dad and sometimes mom isn’t around; those issues need to be dealt with.

So on the flip side; fellas you want a mate that you’re able to trust and she can trust you. Just think about if neither one of you have done your work and come into the relationship with trust issues among other things; that is disaster waiting to happen and stress all around; who wants to deal with that?

What if you’re already engaged or married and this is the issue? No trust has been there from day one; are both parties even open to working it out? 

This may seem like a crazy question; because many assume that if you’re engaged or married; then you had to trust the person. 

Nope because so many people marry for the wrong reasons! There can be no love or trust; just lust! Lust don’t last always! There can be no love, no trust and no lust; but money and lots of it! Who marries for money?

My Future Husband: Tailor-Made by God. Available now at http://www.amazon.com

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My Future Husband: It’s time to be Honest…

There are so many men and women that don’t know how to be complete as an individual; how can they be complete in a marriage? 

So many men and women have grown up in a single parent household; have they dealt with and worked on their feeling of abandonment?

: Men and Women! If you have children prepare your children as you are waiting! You have the desire to be One with someone but your family dynamics is out of order! 

Why bring someone else into your dysfunction? Your kids talk back to you? They will talk back to your spouse! Your children disrespect you? They will disrespect your spouse! Your children are acting out at school, their grades are horrible and they don’t have the desire to learn? 

Children feed off of what they see and hear! If they see you running and chasing after someone else besides them; they will respond! You are showing your child(ren) that they don’t matter! You have time for a blind date; but you don’t have time to help them with their homework? You got time to go to the club but you don’t have time to chaperone a field trip? 

The Bible says this in Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it”. (NKJV) 

My point in all of this is that your child should be your top priority; not some random person who may not even make it to a 2nd date! You have to take care of home no matter what! 

Your child(ren) were there way before this person and anyone that comes into the equation will know and understand that! 

The Right person will blend in; not try to dismantle what has already been built! They will in fact build upon it and make the foundation stronger! They will be an addition and not a distraction!

Your praying for God to send your husband or wife but your house isn’t in order!

When you decide you don’t want to be someone’s doormat, their punching bag, their part time boo thang then you’re almost ready to begin your work; but you’re missing another step in the process. What is that step and what does it require?

There are so many people out here; men and women losing themselves in others that care nothing for them! Losing their souls, their minds and all kinds of self control; for a relationship! 

They will give up everything even their kids to have a warm body next to them and/or under them. They are going about it all the wrong way;  love, real love doesn’t require you to lose anything but you gain so much more and the way to get it is through Our Heavenly Father! 

Why do it the wrong way; when the right way is so much easier?

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content also appears in the book titled My Future Husband: Tailor-Made by God available at http://www.amazon.com

Mother’s Day Dilemma: Spiritual Sunday’s


“Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right. Honor thy father and mother; which is the first commandment with promise” Ephesians 6:1-2 (NKJV)



I am going to be honest and say that I really didn’t want to write this article. I thought about it, I prayed about it and I didn’t want to write anything about Mother’s Day. I had my reasons such as:


1. It’s a man-made holiday! Just to be clear I don’t celebrate Christmas like normal people do; my money stays in my bank account; no black Friday shopping for me!

2. One day to celebrate mother’s? Like really?

3. Some moms aren’t worthy of this man-made holiday! (Yep I said it and thought it!)

4. Somebody is bound to come out of their mouth and ruin the day! (Don’t believe me; just watch!)

5. Does society really appreciate all moms? (do they?) You want me to come in your store and purchase gifts for my mom and friends that are moms and put money in your pocket; but you don’t really want to serve me? What’s up with that?

6. And then I thought about the ones that was going to have something negative to say maybe in the comments section, over the phone or behind the comfort of their keyboard; but never to my face. Like who does she think she is?


Well for starters I’m a black single mom that is raising black boys that must constantly be mindful of where we are and who we are around! We all not just them but me included must think twice if we just maybe want to wear a hoodie as we go out to start our day; we may want to go jogging, walk the dog or just simply walk to the mailbox! But do we really want to put that hoodie on? Maybe just the t-shirt, joggers and umbrella if it’s raining; would be the better choice. What do you think?

Now you may be thinking how in the heck did she get on this rant and what does it have to do with Mother’s Day? (Read 2 Timothy 4:2-5 KJV) Well let’s see, stores make a big deal about any holiday because people are going to want to spend money. People are going to max out their credit cards getting the mother’s in their life the best that money can buy; flowers, candies, jewelry, cars, clothes, etc. you name it!

But the very next day it’s going to go back to business as usual; kids are going back to being disobedient, husbands, boyfriends, heck even baby daddies are going back to cheating and lying, major store chains are going back to only wanting certain people in their stores! Do I really need to go on?

Do you really need society to tell you when to do right by the mother’s in your life? How many of you have given your mom a near heart attack with the foolishness you put her through as a child? Maybe now as an adult you still haven’t got it together and you’re going to act right on one day of the year and think it’s all good? Do you know that stress kills? Many of the diseases that plague man-kind is brought on by stress!

And while it may appear that I’m all for the mothers, don’t get too comfortable; because like I said in #3 some of y’all aren’t worth this man-made holiday! Why? Because you are out here putting grown little boys before your kids! You got these dudes coming in/out your house all times of the day/night in front of your kids, you are moving them in fully knowing they aren’t worth your time or good enough to be around your kids! What kind of role model are you showing them? No wonder they run to the streets for love and support!

Proverbs 22:6 says this “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it”. (KJV)

Child(ren): have you asked your mom for forgiveness? Have you forgiven yourself?

Mom: have you asked your child(ren) for forgiveness? Have you forgiven yourself?

Matthew 6:15 (Amplified Bible) says this: “But if you do not forgive others their trespasses [their reckless and willful sins, leaving them, letting them go, and giving up resentment], neither will your Father forgive you your trespasses”.

Now to finish answering the ones who want to know you I am. I am a published author who has written many books telling of what I have done and what I had to do to get on the right track! (you can get my book for Single Moms from Amazon: bit.ly/singlemomnotalone or by contacting me for autographed copies) None of us are perfect but we should strive to do better! I believe when we make it out; we should reach back and help those that are still trying to find their way! But the thing is many don’t even know that they are lost.

While many of you will forget you read this once you close out of the article; and for the ones that it got your attention, ask yourself why? 

Is there something that you can change in your life to make it better? Are you perhaps one of the moms that could use some help to live a more purposeful life? Are you a child that may have been disobedient and gave your mom a hard time? It’s never too late to apologize and start over! 

 Do you need help? If so, contact me as I am also a Life Empowerment Coach and I am here to help. (email for consultation and appointment singlemomofpurpose@gmail.com)

One thing I don’t like to do is sugarcoat the message; sometimes we must give it straight with no chasers! How do we grow if we are comfortable with where we are? It’s time to grow; are you ready?
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It’s Mother’s Day! Written by Angie Bee for Spiritual Sunday’s….

​​It’s Mother’s Day weekend, and my mom has lived in Heaven since November 1999. Some days I miss her, other days I can rejoice because of her. I still think twice before making a decision because I wonder “What would mom think about this, or that?”

My mom died from a massive heart attack on the Monday morning, following Thanksgiving Day in 1999. I remember talking to her that morning as she was dressing to head to an office meeting. She was complaining that she was “sweating profusely” while she was getting dressed and that her “makeup was dripping down her face” faster than she could “slap it on”. Four days earlier, on Thanksgiving morning she was complaining about “heartburn” and was sucking on a peppermint as she was doing her hair. Mom could always justify a problem with a reason – “Well, I have heartburn this morning because I was cooking and tasting all night, last night” and “I’m sweating profusely because I’m a bit stressed about this meeting” she would explain to me. These justifications always seemed to me to be her way of comforting ME during her challenges.

Sandra Bennett and I both received our final divorce decrees from our husbands just days apart, in October of 1995. As mom was divorcing my dad, I became her sounding board. At times, I would have to say to her “Ok now Mom, you ARE still complaining about my DAD!”. We cried together during those times as we had also found ourselves living together. She was caring for me and my two pre-school aged daughters while I was recovering from a life-changing car accident which took place in January 1995.

When I reflect upon some of the things my mom would say, or attempt to teach us, I now realize that Sandra Bennett was one of the smartest women in my life. She raised us in a Progressive Baptist Church, she sacrificed to send me to a private Catholic High School and she dedicated her life to educating, learning and leading in an inner-city school district. Of course, I’m a bit biased just like you probably are about YOUR mother, and that is why we now have Mother’s Day!

Yes, there will be an avalanche of social media postings about moms and motherhood. There are a plethora of women’s conferences and workshops urging your attendance – why, I even lead the Moms-n-Ministry traveling workshop with #TheTOURthatAngieBEEpresents and I invite you to come and LIKE us at http://www.Facebook.com/MomsNministry Motherhood is a special anointing from God beginning at conception, and never ending.

Even though my mom lives in Heaven, I continue sharing her “mothering” love and wisdom to my children, through our ministry and through perfect strangers too! I remember my mom would smile at people as we walked together, and you could hear her infectious laugh in the grocery store from three rows away! She would “force” you to do something that you initially thought you would hate to do, only to find how happy it made you later on. Mom knew what was best for you, even if you didn’t know it yourself.

What did YOU learn from a “mothering-type” in your life? How are you sharing that knowledge and wisdom with others? I know, she probably made you mad! Did you get “smacked in the mouth” or where you “cussed out” for coming home a little late? Were you punished? Did you have your keys taken away or were to told to either “go to college or get the hell outta here!” by the age of 18? Hmmmm

Moms don’t always sound like the Proverbs 31:10 woman, but they encourage and inspire us, just the same.

Dig deep and reflect upon the goodness of the Lord, as embedded in your mom and share that memory with another. Share this article and audio accompaniment with someone that you know as it may help them too! I dedicate this month’s article to my dearest sister/friend Lei Damaris and my literary cohort Donna M. Gray-Banks. They both are dealing with a first Mother’s Day without their moms. For the rest of you out there today that are new mom’s, I thank you! I thank Kristen Sloss for making me a “Granny” eight months ago and I thank my own sister Sonya Bennett for allowing me to be a “mothering-type” to her and my beloved niece… Baby Sandra Bennett. It’s Mother’s Day, so let the mothering continue!

With love and Blessings, I am

Evangelist Angie BEE

Mother to Angelyn and Jasmine 

“Thank you for letting ME be your mom!” 

Evangelist Angie BEE

Author, Producer, Promoter and Servant of the Lord


Call us today at 407-914-6519


When Your Apps Bring You Joy! Guest Blogger: Angie Bee

When Your -APPS- Bring You JoyWhen Your “Apps” Bring You Joy!

I really do smile when that commercial comes on TV; the one where the father is texting several emojis to his son, and ends up showing his son his “Selfie”. As the son realizes that the picture is not a self-portrait but in fact a picture of something else, he tries to explain to his father that the picture is technically NOT a selfie. “But I took it myself!” exclaims the confused father.  That commercial brings me joy in the father’s misunderstanding of today’s technological terms.
Now, comes my new App!  I’m so excited about it!  It is actually a birthday gift to myself and I couldn’t wait to share it with each of you.  This new APP was a gift that was prepared for me while I was still in my mother’s womb and I don’t even think SHE was aware of it while I was kicking her from the inside.   Jeremiah 1:5 talks about my new APP – “I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my prophet to the nations.”
Now, when I think about an APP the image that generally comes to mind are multicolored pictures with a logo included; pictures that need to be touched and swiped on my phone, tablet and my touch-screen laptop.  It’s so cute watching my niece swipe the apps on her mom’s phone while looking for a new video to watch!  Even lap infants know how to take that index finger and  swipe an app!  Do you want to know how to use MY new app?  Let me tell you about it!
This app of mine doesn’t need to be downloaded on an electronic devise because I carry it with me each and every waking hour.  You can see it on my social media sites and you can read them, or watch them on YouTube.  My app is built into my DNA and was given to me by God even before my parent’s did “the nasty!”  In fact, some of you have apps that you aren’t even using and I want to encourage you to discover them and USE them in your everyday life.  What am I talking about?  Let me show you!
My APP is who I am!  Yes, I am Evangelist Angie BEE, also known as Bartee’s wife, my children’s mother, Karter’s grandmother and Auntie Angie to Sandra, Noah and Jalen (among countless other grown-folks as well).  My APP is what I do as I honor and serve the Lord with greatness.  I’m not waiting for this weekend, or for time off, or for retirement to use my app!  I am using is right now as I write this article, and in the next hour as I am interviewed for a radio show.  I am using my APP next month as I introduce you to our next book and when I produce the audio version of this article that you can listen to and share with another.  What am I talking about?  My APP stands for
A – Author
P – Producer
P – Promoter and
S- Servant of the Lord
(I have several APPs and I give God praise for each of them!)
You see now why that commercial gives me so much joy?  The dad thought that since he took the picture of his son all by himself, that it was called a “selfie”.  He had no clue that a selfie is defined as a picture of yourself that you took.  I developed my own APP from the titles that I wear, but in actuality those gifts and talents were implanted in me by my Lord and Savior as I was growing into His Servant, and the more I understand the significance of that, the more I can be used by God; and enjoy my life.
What is YOUR app?  How are you swiping your APPS?  Are you
A – Another
P – Peaceful
P – Prophet
following the instructions of God and speaking HIS words to his people? Or are you
A – Another
P – Possible
P – Person
waiting to find your niche in business, family, friendships and financial stability?
Let God download your APP and use it daily.  Don’t just think about it, DO IT NOW!  Take your own selfie and take a good look at your face…what do you see?  Do you see yourself the way others see you?  Do you see yourself the way God sees you?  How do you want to appear to others?  Are you working to improve yourself or are you working to better the community in which you live?
My birthday is on May 8th and this year, I am celebrating my new APP; I am celebrating all that God has implanted withing me.  I am celebrating my new status as #1 Best selling author on Amazon as a contributor to the book“Daily Dose of Direction for Women In Business” by Melanie Bonita. This book is a MUST for your library and gift-giving.  Order your copy today on my website atwww.DaQueenBee.com
I am also celebrating my FIRST collaborative book written with my husband!  Yes, the testimony continues as we reveal how God brought us together, in spite of ourselves..  “In The Beginning there was God, Me & You” is our first book that will accompany our marriage and singles workshop that travels with #TheTOURthatAngieBEEpresents   We are excited about sharing our testimony and revealing our flaws as a revelation of the Grace and loving nature of God.    You can order your copy of the book before it comes out this summer atwww.DaQueenBee.com/books.html  
Discover your apps, use them and share them with others!  The personal satisfaction is gratifying but the opportunity to give God the praise through your “application” is priceless!  Enjoy swiping!