Ten Things Not To Expect: Tarsha L. Campbell..Guest Blogger


Most people who know me know I’m an eternal optimist and Woman of Faith. I believe if God made me a promise it most certainly will come to past. However the more I’m on this journey to fulfilling God’s purpose for my life, I’m finding out there are simply things I just shouldn’t expect.

God began to show me many times we are disappointed when things don’t go as we expected. Some even want to throw in the towel and give-up because they have placed their trust and confidence in others and who didn’t come through as they expected. Now don’t get me wrong, God can and will use others to help you along the way, but the key is not putting your expectation in people. Let your expectation be rooted in God and allow Him to align the right people, at the right time to help you fulfill your purpose and destiny. David said it like this in Psalms 62:5

My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him.

Remember even Jesus, God’s son of purpose, experienced disappointment when it came to others, but He never let that stop him.

Here are the 10 things not to expect:


1. Don’t expect everyone to see your value and honor you.


2. Don’t expect when fellowshipping all the fellows will want to get in your ship (Translation: Everyone won’t like).


3. Don’t expect everyone to support you every time.


4. Don’t expect everyone to know you by the Spirit. (Most person are not spiritually in tuned)


5. Don’t expect everyone to see your vision, even after you reveal it to them.


6. Don’t expect everyone to jump on board and help you fulfill your mission.


7. Don’t expect to take everyone with you on your new level. Sometimes you will have to walk alone.


8. Don’t expect that everyone will want to hear your message.


9. Don’t expect everyone will see your gifts and what you can bring to the table.


10. Don’t expect anything of value to come easy when others are involve.


Your Next Step Coaching Minute:


• Identify the areas in your life where you have put all your expectation in people.

• What has been your response?

• What do you do when others let you down?


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