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Insomnia – Medicine Straight from God!
If you were to send this message to my two eldest daughters, they would read the title and be like “Neosporin?!”

You see, when they were toddlers and would get a cut on their fingers or their knees, I would whip out a band-aid and the tube of Neosporin and get to doctoring on them. “Mommy, is it going to hurt?” My reply “Nope! Not a bit! This is medicine straight from God!”
This morning, God woke me up in HIS time and gave me this portion to write for you. I couldn’t get to my computer fast enough to type it up, before His words left my head.  

Insomnia. Let me explain:
I – Inspiration at

N – night is from the

SOM – Son Of Man

N – Never

I – Ignore the

A – Anointing
That right there is good stuff, ain’t it?! YES LORD! I hear you! When you are awakened several hours before you are expecting to arise, that is inspiration from God! Listen to His voice and be blessed by the anointing. I know that some of you are struggling with this concept but let me tell you what happened to me.

My husband wanted to stay up late and watch a movie on Sunday night, so I decided to stay up past my kept him company. I really wasn’t interested in the movie, but I remembered the scripture that said “It is not good for man to be alone” and I take that word literally! Sure enough, my precious hubby fell asleep on the couch before the opening credits could roll and there I was, glued to the TV screen watching the movie. I justified it by telling myself that I would tell him what he missed from his highly-anticipated movie. (lol!) Once it ended, I got us both snuggled up in the bed and drifted off to a much-desired slumber.

The next thing I know, I was immediately awakened! It amazed me how wide-awake I was; was I in pain? No. Was there a noise? No. Did I have to pee? No. Why was I squinting through the darkness while my husband snored blissfully? I grabbed by phone to check the time and discovered that it was about 4 am.

Some of us suffer from insomnia as a symptom of something else; medical or emotional conditions, pain, grief, etc. There are those of us that are angered by it and others are led to tears. This morning I was given a new reason for the insomnia that I occasionally live with… Insomnia is the night time inspiration from our Lord and you should never ignore the anointing!  

On this particular morning/middle of the night, something led me to get out of the bed. I live with major depression and insomnia is one of my symptoms. My bedtime prescription regimen includes prayer, an anti-depressant and a sleeping medicine that generally keeps me in slumber for 7 or 8 hours. I had taken my meds before climbing in bed around 2 am, so I was really surprised to be awakened at 4am! Well, my husband’s alarm clock was going to start blaring at 6 am and I didn’t want to disturb him by tossing and turning, so I headed to my office.

I started typing and I typed and I typed and by 4 pm that afternoon… I had written a book. Even I was surprised! Yes, I took breaks during those 12 hours; I was really thirsty throughout the day, so I drank a lot of juice and water… and of course, I went to the bathroom a lot. I really wasn’t hungry at first, so I kept on typing and by the time the story got really good, I was too excited to stop the flow to go and eat! On one occasion, God was telling me to include a particular scripture and my belly began to growl. I said “God I hear you, what should I write next?” and the hunger dissipated! After about 30 pages were completed and the end of the book was apparent, my eyes began to get heavy. My husband returns home from work around 5:30 or 6 pm and dinner was just waiting to be heated up for him, so I decided to close my eyes for a minute. The next thing I knew, he was walking in the door coming home from work. “You been in bed all day, dear?” was his inquiry. Shaking my head at him, my response was “Nope, me and God wrote a book today!”.

Inspiration can come from anywhere, if you receive it. Inspiration to write a song, repair a heart, or challenge yourself. Inspiration can from from this story, but if you wait until there is a comfortable time for YOU to act on that inspiration you will miss an opportunity to grow and to share. Have you ever been in love with someone and it was not reciprocated? God is loving on you with the inspiration and when you ignore that opportunity, you are rejecting His love. Why do you think you get inspiration in the middle of the night or when you are all alone and not-distracted? He wants you all to himself so you can hear Him clearly – a jealous lover that wants to adorn you with inspiration! I know that some of us have to get up in the morning for work and you feel that insomnia can wreck havoc on your day, but let me tell you something… you are already awake, so why not use that gift that God gave you and accept the loving, restorative presence of God?

“A gift opens the way and ushers the giver into the presence of the great” Proverbs 18:16

The book entitled “In The Beginning there was God, Me & You! A true love story” will soon be introduced to the readers of #SpiritualSundays before debuting to the world. I can’t wait to read it to you all in the pending audio book format! Come and LIKE us on so you can receive updates on the project and the next time you are awakened at an odd time of expected slumber, put down that electronic devise and be still for a moment; be still and know that He is God (Psalm 46:10) and prepare to receive a blessing!

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