Hot Moms Weekend! Special Edition: #SpiritualSundays

Happy Spiritual Sunday! I pray you had an amazing weekend! I know I did!! This weekend I attended Hot Moms Sleepover Weekend! What is Hot Moms Sleepover Weekend you ask? Let me begin by telling you what it was for me. 

A night of fun and laughter! Food and great conversation among other women; we weren’t afraid to share our deep dark hurts, pains and struggles! 

If you had a business you were able to speak about your business and also gift one of your products to another women that attended. 

We also talked about our goals and plans for the new year; 2017… This opens the door to accountability as well as a prayer partner or intercessor to pray on your behalf for you and your plans for the future! How many of you believe that when “2 or more are gathered together” your prayers have more power? 

Do you believe that women should create and be a part of a united fort; sort of like a sisterhood? Do you believe that we as women will advance more and be better in our lives; when that happens? 

Just think of this; you have a group of women that believe in you and your God given gifts, abilities and talents. That not only believe; but support you! Encourage you! Motivate you! Inspire you! Doesn’t that look good? 

That vision; that partnership? That I got your back and you got mine; type of vibe going on! I don’t know about you but I get super excited just thinking about it; I could shout right now! It can happen; from my lips to God’s ears! In Jesus Name!! Amen..

I want to point out the age range of the ladies that attended; 30’s to 60’s! You know there was some knowledge and wisdom up in the mist! 

Ladies! Young ladies! Listen; you need to be in the mist of the Queens that are and have paved the way for you! The stories they can tell you! The advice they can give you! 

Singles! Married women have gems to pass on to you! The wisdom and knowledge alone will give you new life; if you’re feeling like you don’t have much to offer or little value! 

Appreciate and get in the room with those that have the keys, the tools, the mindset to help you along in your journey! And you may even have something to share with them! You never know until you try…

Ladies, we have to respect one another! Let me tell you; I didn’t know everyone that attended personally but for the most part I knew many in the room! But listen to this; I have mad love and much respect for every last one! Why; because they are my sister! I want to see each one live their best life! Obtain every good thing that God has for them! I want to see them prosper on every level! 

Define sisterhood; what does it mean to you? For me; sisterhood is a bond! It shouldn’t be easily broken; it shouldn’t be  negotiated! You can’t be like this: If you support me I will support you. That should be a given! Why should you have to ask? Or even beg for another’s support? Sisterhood is about unconditional love! I love you no matter what! Sisterhood is when you hurt; I hurt, how can I help you fix this? Sisterhood is non-judgmental but observant

Define what a sister is? Another woman; a blood relative or a spiritual relative! It’s all the same; let that sink in….

Let’s face it head on and deal with the issue on the table! Many of us women can’t stand each other! I myself have never been able to fully understand it. As a child going to school I encountered many young girls/ladies; that simply didn’t like me! Many times they wanted to fight me and cause bodily harm; I have had them pull knives on me, etc but these girls/young ladies didn’t know me

Looking back as a young girl I was still an introvert, shy, have never been a follower, didn’t like to be apart of any foolishness and wasn’t going to compromise who I was to be a part of the crowd! 

Does that mean I should have experienced these situations? If these girls and young ladies would have just took the time to sit and talk with me and not judge me; they could have learned so much and been a part of something great! Sisterhood….

These questions may require you to think, meditate; or write down your answers…

1. When are you going to start appreciating your sister?

2. When are you going to start loving your sister?

3. When are you going to start supporting your sister?

4. When are you going to start praying for your sister?

5. When are you going to start advocating for your sister?

6. When are you going to stop being jealous of your sister?

7. When are you going to stop hating your sister?

8. When are you going to stop wishing the demise of your sister? 

9. When are you going to Start Loving Yourself! This is the most important question but I saved it for last! Why? Because it’s a hard question for some; many would’nt have made it past this question if it was 1st! 

Self-Love is a daily requirement! If you don’t Love Yourself; You Can’t Love Others! Your Self-Worth has to be Intact and Strong as well! When you lack these 2  valuable components; you will find that you will and have missed out on so much in your life! It’s time to break the cycle…

stories that represent Sisterhood: I encourage you to read them.

Mary and Martha (Luke 10:38-42)

Ruth and Naomi (The book of Ruth Chapters 1-4)

Mary and Elizabeth (Luke 1:39-45)

For many of you; I lost you after the 1st paragraph! For some of you the message; went over your head, you don’t understand or comprehend; what’s going on and others simply don’t want to face the music or deal with your issues! 

But for the ones that get it! I see you! I appreciate you! I love you! I support you! I applaud you! I pray for and with you! Keep doing Sister! Keep being my Sister! Keep supporting my Sister! Keep existing my Sister! If we keep this going; just imagine how many lives we can touch and even better; Save!! 

If this article has blessed you? Has touched your soul? Has made you want to do and be better? Please share it! Please comment on it! For the year 2017 and beyond I want to break out of keeping what God has blessed me with; bottled up and hidden; so if you are part of a group, organization, church etc that value young girls, young women, even older women that you feel will benefit from hearing a message like this? Please contact me to come and speak at your convention, workshop, luncheon, ministry meetings, board meetings; etc. I am an author! I am a writer! I am a blogger! I am a Certified Life Coach! I am a woman! I am a single mother! I am a sister! I am a friend! I am a daughter! But most importantly; I am a child of God

Speaking engagements please send email to

Until Next Time 

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Tamara is an Author, Writer, Motivator and Single Mom! She is earning her PHd in Christian Counseling; and has always had a passion to inspire and motivate young ladies and women and now it has become her purpose in life. She is also a Certified Life and Empowerment Coach.

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