It’s Christmas Time: #SpiritualSundays By Angie Bee

As we prepare to join loved ones both young and old this holiday season, I was led to offer this Public Service Announcement to educate some of us.

With today’s technology, grandma may need a dictionary to hold a conversation with you, and you may have NO CLUE what the old folks are talking about. Here’s where this post can help you. I’m offering definitions to sayings I grew up with! Feel free to add to this list as you learn. I’m sure that as the years go by and with #FacebookMemories and #SpiritualSundays bringing this post back every year, the list will grow and evolve. I hope my sister  and my niece  will add to it along with my daughter’s  and the rest of YOUR families too!

Let us begin! (Get it on and poppin!)

“Won’t you come?” = when you go to grandmas church, this is your invitation to join the Church and Accept Jesus Christ as your savior. If you walk to the front of the church at that time your grandma will be VERY happy! Auntie might cry and your sister may faint. Get ready for it.

“God Bless the dead”= Somebody just found out that somebody else died. Give it moment of silence, possibly bow your head and wait for them to pass you the greens.

-“No better time than the present” = This is a nice way of saying get up off your lazy butt and do it NOW! It is of particular importance when an older person tells you to do something.

“Don’t speak ill of the dead” = This means don’t be saying nothing bad about dead folk. They aint here to defend themselves.

“Stay outta grown folks business!” = it’s time for you to return to the kiddie table and watch Charlie Brown on your tablet. You are just too young to comment on that post (conversation).

“Lemme fix your plate. You need some meat on your bones!”= This means you are too skinny. Smile politely and eat what you want when she aint looking. Side note: Gain some weight before she sees you again.

“You don’t need to eat that!” = She is telling you that you are fat. Don’t punch her in the throat…She is family and family WILL call the Po-Po on you! #NoBailForYou

“PUT THAT SALT DOWN!” = She has high blood pressure and is bitter about it. Smile, step away from the salt and grab a jar of olives. She ain’t worth it either! #SheTakesPressurePills

“PULL UP YOUR PANTS” = This means that he spent time in jail and longed for a day that he could wear pants that fit. PULL them up and say “Yes Sir!” #PullThemUpAndKeepThemUp

“There outta be a law against that!” = they still talking about your pants! Just don’t get it started! Wear pants that don’t sag when you go to see family!!! Seriously!

“She gone get a yeast infection” = This appetizing dinner conversation usually refers to a young lady wearing considerably tight pants or leggings. REAL TIGHT! (#HowSheGetAllThatInThemJeans)
Keep the conversation appetizing and wear a dress…please! PLEASE!!!

– You’re sitting on the couch and Pookie enters the room. Everybody begins to clap for him. This means that your cousin’s recent medical crisis has hit the family social news feed. #YouCantAcceptYourNephewsFriendRequest
Side note: His little sister “Cant hold water”= can’t keep a secret and probably tweeted it too!

Well, I gotta start “Switching In The Kitchen” but I’ll post more as the day goes on. Add your comments as you see fit!
(This means I ain’t gonna be on Facebook all day. I gotta turn on my oven for cakes and pies!) Gotta keep a smile on my hubby’s face! (Keep his belly round!)

Merry Christmas from Angie BEE & Bartee

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