Twas the Night Before Christmas



What does this holiday season mean to you? Why do I ask? Because it means something different to the people that you talk too! Everyone will give you a different spin on it and many of you when you hear their analogy; will maybe raise an eyebrow, or two! For some; you can tell what it means without asking them; because they will show you. You see them all over the news and social media standing in these long lines; waiting to purchase material items! They will fight and curse out their neighbor because they took the last television and they really needed that television! Come on now; when did these stores only sell televisions on special occasions? Couldn’t they get that television at other time? So, you are going to make yourself look stupid and cause bodily harm to another human being for something that could possibly break the next day after you purchase it?



When did we get so focused on gifts? I know you have heard the saying “It is better to give than receive”; does that apply to the holiday season; or has it just been attached to this time of year? When did material things become sort of like the soul focus on this time of year? The stores start putting out holiday decorations way before it’s time; to get people to start buying them early; hence making their financial statements look mighty impressive! They beef up customer service and hire more people in retail doing this time of year; to ensure they have enough hands-on deck to handle the abundance of shoppers! They sit around in their board meetings and team meetings to see how and what they can do to get the most people in their stores; so, they can spend the most money! Only to lay off countless numbers of people after the hype has dwindled down because the holiday season is over; now you have people out of work that were only hired to fill a need of getting them in more money!

What if?


What if there were no stores to shop at and spend all your money on gifts? What if the only thing that was available was a piece of paper and a pen/pencil and you had to actually write a note to each person in your life; maybe just the ones that matter! The same folks that you went out of your way to buy all these gifts for! What words would you use? How would you start off your first sentence? Would you talk about the past, present and future? Would your words hurt them or make them feel loved? Would you tell them how much they mean to you? How do you think they would respond; if they were giving this note during the holiday season; instead of an actual gift? Take your time and think about that one….

Something to Meditate On

floral_14 After reading this; does it change your mind? Does it make you rethink anything that you have grown accustomed to doing? Will you do anything differently going forward? Will you incorporate anything that you haven’t been doing to what you are already doing? The point here is just to give some insight, make you think; and possibly start a conversation that will expand your thought process and the thought process of those around you. Whatever this holiday season means to you; let it be filled with love, peace and kindness; that isn’t just self-centered but worldwide.


Hot Moms Weekend! Special Edition: #SpiritualSundays

Happy Spiritual Sunday! I pray you had an amazing weekend! I know I did!! This weekend I attended Hot Moms Sleepover Weekend! What is Hot Moms Sleepover Weekend you ask? Let me begin by telling you what it was for me. 

A night of fun and laughter! Food and great conversation among other women; we weren’t afraid to share our deep dark hurts, pains and struggles! 

If you had a business you were able to speak about your business and also gift one of your products to another women that attended. 

We also talked about our goals and plans for the new year; 2017… This opens the door to accountability as well as a prayer partner or intercessor to pray on your behalf for you and your plans for the future! How many of you believe that when “2 or more are gathered together” your prayers have more power? 

Do you believe that women should create and be a part of a united fort; sort of like a sisterhood? Do you believe that we as women will advance more and be better in our lives; when that happens? 

Just think of this; you have a group of women that believe in you and your God given gifts, abilities and talents. That not only believe; but support you! Encourage you! Motivate you! Inspire you! Doesn’t that look good? 

That vision; that partnership? That I got your back and you got mine; type of vibe going on! I don’t know about you but I get super excited just thinking about it; I could shout right now! It can happen; from my lips to God’s ears! In Jesus Name!! Amen..

I want to point out the age range of the ladies that attended; 30’s to 60’s! You know there was some knowledge and wisdom up in the mist! 

Ladies! Young ladies! Listen; you need to be in the mist of the Queens that are and have paved the way for you! The stories they can tell you! The advice they can give you! 

Singles! Married women have gems to pass on to you! The wisdom and knowledge alone will give you new life; if you’re feeling like you don’t have much to offer or little value! 

Appreciate and get in the room with those that have the keys, the tools, the mindset to help you along in your journey! And you may even have something to share with them! You never know until you try…

Ladies, we have to respect one another! Let me tell you; I didn’t know everyone that attended personally but for the most part I knew many in the room! But listen to this; I have mad love and much respect for every last one! Why; because they are my sister! I want to see each one live their best life! Obtain every good thing that God has for them! I want to see them prosper on every level! 

Define sisterhood; what does it mean to you? For me; sisterhood is a bond! It shouldn’t be easily broken; it shouldn’t be  negotiated! You can’t be like this: If you support me I will support you. That should be a given! Why should you have to ask? Or even beg for another’s support? Sisterhood is about unconditional love! I love you no matter what! Sisterhood is when you hurt; I hurt, how can I help you fix this? Sisterhood is non-judgmental but observant

Define what a sister is? Another woman; a blood relative or a spiritual relative! It’s all the same; let that sink in….

Let’s face it head on and deal with the issue on the table! Many of us women can’t stand each other! I myself have never been able to fully understand it. As a child going to school I encountered many young girls/ladies; that simply didn’t like me! Many times they wanted to fight me and cause bodily harm; I have had them pull knives on me, etc but these girls/young ladies didn’t know me

Looking back as a young girl I was still an introvert, shy, have never been a follower, didn’t like to be apart of any foolishness and wasn’t going to compromise who I was to be a part of the crowd! 

Does that mean I should have experienced these situations? If these girls and young ladies would have just took the time to sit and talk with me and not judge me; they could have learned so much and been a part of something great! Sisterhood….

These questions may require you to think, meditate; or write down your answers…

1. When are you going to start appreciating your sister?

2. When are you going to start loving your sister?

3. When are you going to start supporting your sister?

4. When are you going to start praying for your sister?

5. When are you going to start advocating for your sister?

6. When are you going to stop being jealous of your sister?

7. When are you going to stop hating your sister?

8. When are you going to stop wishing the demise of your sister? 

9. When are you going to Start Loving Yourself! This is the most important question but I saved it for last! Why? Because it’s a hard question for some; many would’nt have made it past this question if it was 1st! 

Self-Love is a daily requirement! If you don’t Love Yourself; You Can’t Love Others! Your Self-Worth has to be Intact and Strong as well! When you lack these 2  valuable components; you will find that you will and have missed out on so much in your life! It’s time to break the cycle…

stories that represent Sisterhood: I encourage you to read them.

Mary and Martha (Luke 10:38-42)

Ruth and Naomi (The book of Ruth Chapters 1-4)

Mary and Elizabeth (Luke 1:39-45)

For many of you; I lost you after the 1st paragraph! For some of you the message; went over your head, you don’t understand or comprehend; what’s going on and others simply don’t want to face the music or deal with your issues! 

But for the ones that get it! I see you! I appreciate you! I love you! I support you! I applaud you! I pray for and with you! Keep doing Sister! Keep being my Sister! Keep supporting my Sister! Keep existing my Sister! If we keep this going; just imagine how many lives we can touch and even better; Save!! 

If this article has blessed you? Has touched your soul? Has made you want to do and be better? Please share it! Please comment on it! For the year 2017 and beyond I want to break out of keeping what God has blessed me with; bottled up and hidden; so if you are part of a group, organization, church etc that value young girls, young women, even older women that you feel will benefit from hearing a message like this? Please contact me to come and speak at your convention, workshop, luncheon, ministry meetings, board meetings; etc. I am an author! I am a writer! I am a blogger! I am a Certified Life Coach! I am a woman! I am a single mother! I am a sister! I am a friend! I am a daughter! But most importantly; I am a child of God

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The Power In Your Yes.. #spiritualsundays

The Power In Your Yes!
When you say Yes to God; you are saying No to countless others!

They just dont count; they can’t do for you like God can/does!

They won’t walk on water for you or move mountains! They can’t give you eternal life! They can’t turn water into wine! They have no everlasting power! 

The only power that they have is the temporary power that You give them! 

And it’s not even healing power. Why give access to someone or something and they can’t even heal you; if need be? They can’t take away the pain like God can? Just think for a second about all you get when you say Yes to God and No to them. 

Do you fully understand what saying Yes to God means?

1. That you are accepting him in your Life as your Lord and Savior? Romans 10:8-13

2. That you believe that he sent his only Son into the world; that he would save us? John 3:16

3. That you recieve the Holy Spirit as your guide; in all things spiritual? John 20:22

4. That whatever and whomever is a bad influence in your life; you will leave it and them behind? Genesis 13

5. That you will take on a new creation as well as a renewed mind? 2 Corinthians 5:17/Romans 12:2

6. No more Sex before Marriage? 1 Corinthians 6:12-20

7. No more lustful behavior? 1John 2:16

8. Change the way you speak; talk? Proverbs 18:21

Now this is just the tip of the iceberg! There is so much more to this; like the 10 Commandments (Exodus 20:1-17) that are highlighted throughout the Bible. We are to follow those and abide by them. Being a changed person isnt your average walk in the park! You have to get a complete makeover! Shoot, you got chicks out here changing up they hair on the daily! Yaki, Kinky twist, Silky straight; and they don’t blink not once! 

Can you say Yes to Our Heavenly Father and mean it? Live it? Breathe it? Why is it so easy to change your hair? Eye Color? Style of dress? The shape of your nose; etc. But you won’t change your life

What is so bad about living right that makes some scared or flat out disgusted that they decide not to do it?

I know many people that I talk too don’t want to give up Sex! Sex y’all? Really, most of the time it only lasts a couple minutes; maybe 5 at the most! Lol and it don’t even be good all the time! You can get married and have all the sex you want with your husband or wife! But you know what it is? 

For many people that’s a problem; they don’t want to be with just 1 person and marriage screws that up for them! 1 John 2:15-17 

So you would rather sleep around, get a sexually transmitted disease (nowadays you can’t get rid of them) and possibly die cause you don’t want to give up Sex until marriage? 

Okay, I guess that’s because we do have the choice between life and death; so I see how that can occur! But really you would give up something that’s everlasting for temporary pleasure with killer results?

Let’s face it; nobody can change overnight. Change takes time and determination. The individual that seeks change has to want it so bad that nothing else really matters! What if you’re one of the them that has said “I have had enough Sex to last a lifetime; I can wait until I’m married” or “I’m tired of these men/women playing games with my heart; I’m ready to settle down with that 1 person”; or “I’m tired of living like this! I want more for and in my life“! Will you say Yes? And mean it? What do you have to lose?

Prayer is also something that comes with a life with God; have you ever read or heard this prayer before?

“Our Father in heaven,

Hallowed be Your name.

Your kingdom come.

Your will be done

On earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread.

And forgive us our debts,

As we forgive our debtors.

And do not lead us into temptation,

But deliver us from the evil one.

For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen”. Matthew 6:9-13

I can only pray that you make the right choice for your life; my brother, my sister! 
Until Next Time

All scripture references are from the New King James Version (NKJV)

It’s Christmas Time: #SpiritualSundays By Angie Bee

As we prepare to join loved ones both young and old this holiday season, I was led to offer this Public Service Announcement to educate some of us.

With today’s technology, grandma may need a dictionary to hold a conversation with you, and you may have NO CLUE what the old folks are talking about. Here’s where this post can help you. I’m offering definitions to sayings I grew up with! Feel free to add to this list as you learn. I’m sure that as the years go by and with #FacebookMemories and #SpiritualSundays bringing this post back every year, the list will grow and evolve. I hope my sister  and my niece  will add to it along with my daughter’s  and the rest of YOUR families too!

Let us begin! (Get it on and poppin!)

“Won’t you come?” = when you go to grandmas church, this is your invitation to join the Church and Accept Jesus Christ as your savior. If you walk to the front of the church at that time your grandma will be VERY happy! Auntie might cry and your sister may faint. Get ready for it.

“God Bless the dead”= Somebody just found out that somebody else died. Give it moment of silence, possibly bow your head and wait for them to pass you the greens.

-“No better time than the present” = This is a nice way of saying get up off your lazy butt and do it NOW! It is of particular importance when an older person tells you to do something.

“Don’t speak ill of the dead” = This means don’t be saying nothing bad about dead folk. They aint here to defend themselves.

“Stay outta grown folks business!” = it’s time for you to return to the kiddie table and watch Charlie Brown on your tablet. You are just too young to comment on that post (conversation).

“Lemme fix your plate. You need some meat on your bones!”= This means you are too skinny. Smile politely and eat what you want when she aint looking. Side note: Gain some weight before she sees you again.

“You don’t need to eat that!” = She is telling you that you are fat. Don’t punch her in the throat…She is family and family WILL call the Po-Po on you! #NoBailForYou

“PUT THAT SALT DOWN!” = She has high blood pressure and is bitter about it. Smile, step away from the salt and grab a jar of olives. She ain’t worth it either! #SheTakesPressurePills

“PULL UP YOUR PANTS” = This means that he spent time in jail and longed for a day that he could wear pants that fit. PULL them up and say “Yes Sir!” #PullThemUpAndKeepThemUp

“There outta be a law against that!” = they still talking about your pants! Just don’t get it started! Wear pants that don’t sag when you go to see family!!! Seriously!

“She gone get a yeast infection” = This appetizing dinner conversation usually refers to a young lady wearing considerably tight pants or leggings. REAL TIGHT! (#HowSheGetAllThatInThemJeans)
Keep the conversation appetizing and wear a dress…please! PLEASE!!!

– You’re sitting on the couch and Pookie enters the room. Everybody begins to clap for him. This means that your cousin’s recent medical crisis has hit the family social news feed. #YouCantAcceptYourNephewsFriendRequest
Side note: His little sister “Cant hold water”= can’t keep a secret and probably tweeted it too!

Well, I gotta start “Switching In The Kitchen” but I’ll post more as the day goes on. Add your comments as you see fit!
(This means I ain’t gonna be on Facebook all day. I gotta turn on my oven for cakes and pies!) Gotta keep a smile on my hubby’s face! (Keep his belly round!)

Merry Christmas from Angie BEE & Bartee

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Who will go for us?” I said, “Here I am. Send me.” – Isaiah 6:8


Waiting on the One! Are You The One? #SpiritualSundays

I’m writing this here article going into 10 years being single!! Now that’s 10 years Single of not being in a relationship but I have always been single because I was never married. Does that even make any sense? It does but many may not understand the process; so let’s start here. In the word of the Lord; the Bible it tells of the very first relationship between man and woman. Adam and Eve; y’all now the story right? Adam was all fine and working and didn’t have a help-meet to come home to; so like how God always does, he showed up and showed out and created Eve out of Adam’s rib! (Somebody should be shouting right about now) Our Heavenly Father put Adam to sleep and took a rib and created Eve (fully formed) out of that one rib! Adam awoke and saw Eve and it was on and popping; they was married y’all! Like instantly; it wasn’t no dragged out courtship, no playing of games, no messing with nobody mind and wasting nobody time! God saw Adam was ready so he stepped in and made it happen and the rest is history! (Genesis 2:8-25)

Now fast forward to recent times; what a chick gots to do to get a proposal a little ring/ring on that ring finger? Shoot nowadays you tell these Grown boys you waiting to be married; until you go  sleeping with anybody; they will look at you like you crazy and will most likely curse you out! The nerve right; why can’t we have standards, why can’t we respect ourselves and love ourselves? Is there something really wrong with wanting to live without a sexually transmitted disease; and just pray that there are still some really decent guys out there; who can appreciate your wait and your morals?

Okay so let’s be honest many of us have kids right? So we weren’t always trying to live right but; when we did make that decision and choose to live better and seek better, why are we hit with so many challenges of being chosen? As a woman; we aren’t to be on the prowl; or are we? Check out Proverbs 18:22/Proverbs 31:10 and meditate on those and then answer this question! 

What do we do ladies? So many of us have done our work! We have freed ourselves of all the excessive baggage from previous relationships, our childhood issues that tried to take us out, our absent daddy issues, our low self-esteem, our lack of being loved and now we have to wait for Prince Charming to get his act together! (Psalm 37:23-24/Ephesians 4:17-24)

Do you want to be tied to confusion, mistrust, dishonesty, lying, cheating, lustful, abusive, angry, lost and confused piece of a person? I know I don’t; because that doesn’t get me anywhere but back to where I started and; I refuse to backtrack and restart my healing process all over again! When you re-open that door; you not only are saying you don’t believe you deserve the best, but you are giving the enemy access to you once again! And we all know what he comes to do! (John 10:10)

When you’re in the waiting stage you want to be pursuing your dreams,hopes, goals, your purpose and your passion but you don’t want to be so busy; that you can’t appreciate where you are and how far you have come! Your prayer game needs to be tight and on lock! Are you praying for your future husband; while your waiting? Are you praying for your future wife; while your seeking, searching and scoping her out? How and what are you praying; that will make a big difference in how the process goes and what will be the outcome! 

Guys, I feel I should start with you first because you are the one that has to make the choice! Who are you choosing? I know we all want the desires of our heart; I get all that, but for where some of y’all are going are you choosing the right help-meet? Do you honestly know what a help-meet is and what it looks like when she comes on the scene? (Re-read the story of Adam and Eve, check out what a Proverbs 31 woman looks and acts like) Some of y’all out here searching for arm candy! (Can I get a witness?) Chicks that can’t help you reach your next level and you wondering why you stuck? You want the favor that only Our Heavenly Father can give but I believe that you have to choose wisely! (Touch your neighbor and say “choose wisely“) Bonus scripture to read as well (Ephesians 5:25-33)

Ladies, now remember I said that we have to be chosen; right? (Did you read the previous scriptures where it states the husband finds the wife?) I’m going to try to tread lightly here but it may get a little deep for some; and I may lose some of y’all but that’s cool! Who are you trying to be found by? Are you what you are waiting for? Are you the one? Everyone wants to be the “Proverbs 31” wife but have you read the scripture to know what that means? Are you able to; do you have the ability to be submissive? (Ephesians 5: 22-24) Let’s try this out and see what happens; how should we as potential prospects be clothed? Read 1 Timothy 2:9 and let that sink in; can you be submissive to God and follow that mandate? 

I don’t know about y’all but I am waiting for the best #futurehusband that Our Heavenly Father can groom into the man “he needs him” to be and the husband “he has to be” for me! Grown Boys this isn’t your category until you “level-up” and stop playing games and get on point and do your work; and allow Our Heavenly Father to do his part in your life! 

I could write about this all day but I will end with this; are you practicing abstinence or celibacy? Need more information to go on? Read  1 Corinthians 6:18-20 and 1 Corinthians 7:1-9 and meditate on those words! Let them sink in ladies and guys and then you can truly and honestly answer the question: Are You The One? (Touch your neighbor and ask them: did she teach? Did you learn anything?) Now let the church say: Amen! 
Until next Time 

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Share this article with your friends and family; other singles! Even the ones who don’t think they single! If they aren’t legally married; then they Single! (Let that sink in; it took me sometime to come to grips with that too, LOL).

Peace! Love! And all that good stuff……Stay faithful, prayed up and just watch how it all plays out….

Think Like A Single Mom! No Matter What….

New E-book Available Now! Would you believe me if I told you I put this together in one day? #wonthedoit #jesusisthereason #thankyoujesus #Godislove #Faithful #Humbled 

I had no intention of writing this! Wasn’t on my to-do list! It wasn’t in my saved projects and it definitely wasn’t on my mind! But when you get a download in your spirit! You follow it; right? Well sometimes we do! Lol. I got this download and just ran with it; from the cover to the interior, to the word usage! It was all a dream; none of this came out of my own thoughts! I was like; keep those ideas coming and the creativity was just flowing! #Godisgood 

What does this crafty Ebook have between the pages? I thought you would never ask.. Well you know I just love my single moms right? I have been a single mom for 25 years; so it’s only right I show my peeps some love! #singlemomsrock 

This book is giving Single Moms some simple daily tips on how to pray, how to encourage themselves, how to be empowered and how to stay inspired! There is a morning, afternoon and evening prayer in the book; there are some affirmations and some sayings (quotes) that I have used on my social media outlets as well! 

When others don’t celebrate you; celebrate yourself”.. How often do you hear Single Moms getting their props? A fist bump? A high five? A pat on the back? Not too much right? People are always saying especially in the Christian world “you have to encourage yourself” but is that really a cop out; to get them or others off the hook? Why can’t you just tell others not even just Single Moms that their doing a good job? That they are doing the best with the hand they have been dealt or the hand they choice? Why can’t you say I don’t know how you do it but I admire your strength and courage; keep up the good work? 

My passion, my purpose has been and always will be to help empower, motivate, inspire, and encourage Single Moms/Women; why because I’m in and have been in their shoes! I have been kicked down and battered and I at many times had to pull “myself” up! I don’t want others to have to travel down that road if I can help them along the way!

This book is available here

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