Do you have a Vision?

I had the opportunity this weekend to attend my very 1st Vision Board Workshop; and I have to say I had an amazing time! 

Have you ever completed a vision board before? Have you done it on an individual level or in a group setting? Which do you prefer? 

Having done mine in a group setting that was very enlightening for me; it’s like you have a guide and a cheering squad motivating and inspiring you as you looked for the pictures and words that would transform your blank board. What would you do with a clean slate? 

Did you know that we are instructed in the Bible to get our purpose in order and to be prepared; while we are being prepped? In Habakkuk 2:2 it says this: “Then the Lord answered me and said: Write the vision And make it plain on tablets,That he may run who reads it”. (NKJV)

That scripture right there blew me away! I heard it before but hearing it again just stirred something up inside of me and now I’m just excited for what’s to come! 

But I have to follow instructions! I can’t just expect something because the words are there; I have to put action to it! I need to do my part and get in position! 

It’s like when you watch a race and they are on that starting line up; they are stretching and probably doing breathing exercises and getting their mind right! 

But before they got to that point they had to prepare their bodies, they had to eat right; this had to be something they did daily in preparation for the race! They had to make sacrifices, probably lost some friends along the way; because they were focused on the prize!

What is it that you have been called to do?

What is your purpose? Have you found your purpose yet? 

Have you lost friends and wondered why?

That business that you have been talking about; have you created a business plan, talk to investors, apply for business loans; get a business partner! What about your elevator pitch! All these things need to be done before you go looking for office space. 

Everything has to be done in proper order! We have to get on point! We need to be in formation! And we need to put pen to paper and make it real. What are you waiting for? 

Until Next Time 

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