Are You Your Sister’s Keeper? 

I have been trying to understand for sometime know why all women can’t seem to get along, support each other, love each other, motivate each other, encourage each other and inspire each other?

You see men do it all the time! Well at least I think they do! I see it all the time. You can be out and you see men fist bump! Shake hands, giving each other high fives and the majority of the time they don’t even know each other! What is going on ladies? What do the guys know that women don’t?

Are men better than women? I think they go through some of the same isssues women deal with as a whole. Right? You hear about guys sleeping with their friends wife or girlfriend, you hear about them fighting over some chick, you may see them get in a disagreement or two; but they always bounce back! They talk it out; grab a drink or two and they are cool again! Not to say this should be normal behavior but just pointing out how they overcome some pretty bad situations.

Now women; we can borrow a dress and get a stain on it and you are ready to fight and draw blood! You want to end 10 year friendships over the littlest things! You won’t speak to another women because her hair is cute, she got a nice shape, she looks good in pink and you hating? Ladies! We really need to be better and realize none of that stuff matters! 

How many friends do you have? Do you pray for them? Do you listen to their problems or their frustrations and offer them sound advice? Or do you talk about them behind their back? Do you add to their stress or do you try to help them overcome it?

I can actually count on my hand how many friends I have and I only have to use 1 hand. I don’t do fake and phony; never could and never will. You can sense when people don’t like you and it’s cool but I’m not gonna act like we cool and have you talking mess about me once I turn my back. I have dealt with this kind of foolishness over the years and still don’t understand it and it’s worse in the workplace! Women always act like we are in some kind of competition and for me that’s never the case. If I’m hired for a job I intend on doing that job I’m not trying to come and take yours! Do you deal with the same on your job?

What about when you decide to start your own business; do you have many supporters or are they giving you reasons why you shouldn’t launch? This can be the same for ministry, writing a book, or just about anything that would be considered positive. Why are we always trying to keep another sister down or shackled? Isn’t there enough of God’s goodness to go around? Don’t you think when he was instilling purpose in us and the plans for our lives; he made sure there was enough that we all had our fair share? 

What about men? Do you believe that God intended for every woman to be married? Is there a shortage of men that some women can’t help but to sleep with married men or men that are already in a relationship? Many of us won’t make it down the aisle but it doesn’t mean that you covet your sister’s (another woman’s) husband etc.

As women we have to make personal decisions as to what we want, what we expect, what we will allow, etc. 

It will ultimately be your choice; but can you live with it? Will you be able to sleep at night? We aren’t perfect ladies but we should strive to be better one day at a time. 

When you want to say something negative; think positive and speak positive! 

When you want to do something hurtful and mean; do something nice and rewarding that others will admire and appreciate! 

When you just can’t come to do or say anything good; pray about it and ask for forgiveness, guidance and let him heal and comfort you. 

Remember we can get there! We can get on one accord! We can create a unity! One step at a time. Repeat after me: I am my sister’s keeper. 

I am so passionate about this subject that I am writing a book about it. I am still in the beginning stages and hope to have it complete before the new year! I would love to hear from you and your thoughts. Leave your comments in the comment section and let’s talk. 

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Tamara Mccarthy Enterprises

Tamara is an Author, Writer, Motivator and Single Mom! She is earning her PHd in Christian Counseling; and has always had a passion to inspire and motivate young ladies and women and now it has become her purpose in life. She is also a Certified Life and Empowerment Coach.

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