The Single Woman Chronicles: My Journey

My newest book The Single Woman Chronicles Volume 1: God , Men & You. Is finally complete and ready for pre-order!!!

I am so very excited because I got so much out of my system with writing this book! Men can be very stressful beings if you allow them to be; and I had when I dealt with them. 

I have been single for a little over eight years now and at first it got to me but then I realized that I had work to do; for me to become who I was created to be and a man would just be a distraction! Especially the wrong one!!!

I had my share of the wrong ones and going through this journey as a single woman I had to finally come to the realization that I was never in a real relationship! I had flings even with my kids father; I have never been in a committed relationship. That was hard for me to come to terms with; but when I did I was able to grow and mature into a grown woman….

Grown boys don’t commit! They occupy space and they waste your time! They use you, they take from you, they mistreat you, they abuse you, they degrade you and they break you. Allowing this to happen and jumping into another relationship is just looking for rejection and heartache because the new person isn’t equipped to fix you; only God can do that, if you allow him too…

The Single Woman Chronicles is my journey into the types of personalities that I encountered when dealing with grown boys: The Baby Daddy, The Preacher Man, The Momma’s Boy, The Liar, The Sugar Daddy etc. These are the grown boys you want to distance yourself from; you don’t want to marry them or even date them. Be mindful of all the signs and red flags that will show themselves; if you pay attention.

This book is for the Single Woman that have the desire to be married! While I highlight these types of guys I also give the single woman insight into working on herself so she will be ready for marriage. Some many of us are quick to jump into relationships without working on our issues from childhood and past relationships; why keep dragging it along with you? Don’t you want to be free? 


Published by

Tamara Mccarthy Enterprises

Tamara is an Author, Writer, Motivator and Single Mom! She is earning her PHd in Christian Counseling; and has always had a passion to inspire and motivate young ladies and women and now it has become her purpose in life. She is also a Certified Life and Empowerment Coach.

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