The 9 to 5 Blues…..

Do you have the blues?

Anyone that is working a regular  9 to 5 knows all too much about the blues; especially when you know you have been created for more! Heck I will even go a step further and say that your purpose calls for you to do more than just your average 9 to 5!

Are you prepared?

How many of you just daydream about when you can give your notice and say thanks but no thanks? How many of you have already drawn up your business plan and have your 30 second elevator pitch ready for those perspective investors?

Overqualified and Underpaid

I know there are so many of you that have one or two degrees maybe even three and your 9 to 5 has absolutely nothing to do with that degree! Let’s say you have your MBA in Management and also a Certificate in Human Resources but your current job is working in the call center of a pharmaceutical company; making the bare minimum compared to the six figures you imagined would be a reality once you got your degree!

Responsibilities  vs  Reality

Why do we do this? Because we want to be able to somehow provide for ourselves and our family while we are planning our exit; escape from the 9 to 5 blues! Not all of us are blessed to have rich or wealthy family members or friends to front us start-up money; many of us, our credit looks bad due to student loans and banks want collateral many times that we just don’t have and we need time to build up the purpose that has been instilled in us.

Don’t stop building

Keep on building and your purpose will make way for you! The 9 to 5 blues won’t last forever! Have you ever been questioned by someone on the outside looking? I know I have and all I can say is that they don’t know about the struggle; all of our situations are different, our environments are different and the economy isn’t the same in every area of the world. Some can get the job/career that is paying them what they are worth and on the other side of the world; same job, same responsibilities but lower pay; everyone can’t wrap their heads around it but it happens.

Stay ready and focused

For now we have to play the game because we know what possibilities lie ahead and they are endless; but in the meantime we have bills to pay, children to provide for, debt to repay, all while our goals and dreams are steadily making way for us to one day escape the dreadful 9 to 5 blues!

What about you?

Are you on track with your goals and dreams? If not; what do you have to do to get back on track? Have you written it down and made it plain? Do you have your business plan and elevator pitch ready? What are you waiting for?


Rest and Reflection


I am back after a much needed break! It started out just me needing a break and maybe even some rest; but then I got word that a friend had passed and then it turned into something else. How do you deal with the loss of a loved one or someone you call a friend? I have never been good at dealing with death; I’m either a crying maniac or quiet and secluded.

I really let all my social media go I wasn’t posting like I’m used to doing and it showed because I lost a lot of followers which actually made me laugh. Why do you ask? Because if it’s that easy for someone to stop following you then they weren’t going to be a loyal follower anyway! My content didn’t change? My messages are always positive and uplifting? I needed some personal time and I took it; people that value you and appreciate you would understand that!

My friend that passed understood me, she appreciated me and most importantly she accepted me for who I was! Doing our time as friend’s, life happened many times and we lost track of each other but God always brought us back together; he always allowed us to reconnect and it was always as if we never parted. That’s friendship and that’s loyalty…

That time away allowed me to think about so much and going forward I won’t worry about numbers on social media; but I will tell you this if the numbers continue to decline I will laugh each and every time! Many times the people that you need to reach aren’t on social media; they are more up close and personal. They are your family, friends and the real life individuals that you interact with on a daily basis; at the grocery store, the bank, the drive thru and even at work. Social media can be fun and entertaining but don’t allow it to take place of more important things like your purpose!

In business, we sometimes if not all the time utilize different methods to reach our audience and social media is that for many companies; but you have to know when something isn’t working and move on. So going forward it will be full steam ahead but in a different direction and I am looking forward to what lies ahead.

What is it in your life that you need to evaluate? Have you lost something or someone and need to take some time to reflect? Are you on the absolute best track in your life? When was the last time you took a break?