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This post is inspired by the 2006 movie “The Pursuit of Happyness” starring Will Smith and his son Jayden. If you saw the movie then you would know why I spelled Happyness that way, Lol. I watched this movie for the 1st time just this week and I have to be honest I was in tears by the end of the movie. I could relate to the movie so much being a Single Mom and feeling like I’m the only one in the race trying to get to the finish line; and finding what will help me get to the place of happiness and stability.

All throughout the movie Will Smith’s character faced so many setbacks but he kept on pushing and moving forward he was determined to get the job; wait better yet the career that would change his life like never before.

When he was faced with eviction not once but twice; the first time he found another route that was much cheaper and smaller but it would do because he know better was ahead! But once again he came home to find all there stuff sitting outside the door; anyone else would have fallen to their knees and giving up but not him, he found another option, a shelter (some may not have went this route; but myself have been faced with that option) whatever you have faced or have to face you will make it through.

Everyday at an internship that didn’t pay him not one dime! He was constantly tried and tested by management to get him to break but he always kept his composure. How many times have you been tried and tested on your job? I know I have been there many times and they were paying me; but never enough to go through what they were dishing out!

At the end of the movie he finally got what he always wanted a career that changed his life and his son’s life for the better; and all he had to do was to keep his head up, no matter what he was faced with! How many times have you wanted to give up when the chips were stacked against you?

Lessons that I learned from watching this movie:

  1. You can defy all the odds placed in front of you.
  2. Once you grab hold of your dreams; never loss sight of them and always remind yourself why you are chasing them.
  3. When you have kids you will do everything in your power to give them the best that life can offer!
  4. Block out all naysayers they have absolutely no idea what your dreams are and how good it’s about to get!
  5. Always be your top supporter and don’t allow anyone to break you or your path to the finish line!

Did you see this movie? If so, what are your takeaways?


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Tamara is an Author, Writer, Motivator and Single Mom! She is earning her PHd in Christian Counseling; and has always had a passion to inspire and motivate young ladies and women and now it has become her purpose in life. She is also a Certified Life and Empowerment Coach.

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