The Up and Coming Entrepreneur, Do You Need Some Inspiration?

  1. Who is Ty Lewis?

Ty: Ty Lewis is a wife, mom, entrepreneur, a change agent, and a God fearing woman.

  1. Have you always had the entrepreneur mindset?

Ty: I would have to say yes due to me always having a gig on the side; while working my 9 to 5, I was always doing something that would lead me to where I am now. When I moved to Atlanta by faith, I started tutoring kids as a way to bring in an income while trying to obtain a full-time job. Five years ago it was nowhere in my mind that I would be a full-time entrepreneur, doing full-time ministry, and owning my own building.

  1. When did you know it was time to start your business?

Ty: When I started getting tired and uncomfortable with my 9 to 5, I no longer wanted to be comfortable where I was! God spoke to me in January 2015 and said it was time to move and walk into your purpose; what you were called to do. I started writing it down and making it clear that it was time to go; it was time to move. What I was called to do couldn’t be done while working a regular job.

  1. If I’m not mistaken you have a non-profit, correct? Why non-profit instead of for profit?

Ty: Yes I do have a non-profit called educationally speaking center for learning and we are in East Pointe, GA. With a non-profit I’m able to do so much more in and for the community while being community based. By being community based those in the community can benefit from the programs that we are offering as well as those in the surrounding areas.

  1. What is your biggest challenge in business?

Ty: Being that we are a non-profit I would have to say raising funds and getting my message across that education and reading are so vital in a young child’s life. I want all the kids that come through our doors to have that reading advantage and not to be behind like many children in other areas. Society will have people thinking that reading isn’t important when in fact it’s very important and that’s why I’m such a strong advocate for it; I’m very passionate about it. We have children that come in and have no knowledge of reading and I do my best to inform the parents that their child needs that foundation and it can take them anywhere in life. Being able to read is a gift and it shouldn’t be taken for granted.

  1. How do you juggle it all? Wife, mom, entrepreneur and a change agent, how do you get it all done?

Ty: I juggle it through grace! I get asked that question a lot and my answer has always been, I don’t know, lol. When you are in the will of god you just don’t think about it because you know if you are walking in your purpose; he is going to give you the grace to do what you have to do. My husband is a wonderful asset in this whole equation and never once does he complain when doing household chores or getting the kids from school. He understands the vision and pushes me to new heights. I have amazing kids that understand that mommy has to be at work sometimes 12 hours a day building a legacy for them. When you are juggling lots of hats, each one has to have its own special place; work stays at work. Once I get home them my mommy and wife hat goes on and my god fearing women hat never comes off. Balance is highly necessary when you are a full-time entrepreneur.

  1. What advice would you give to an aspiring entrepreneur?

Ty: Seek God before you set out and make any types of moves. Let God lead you down the right path, in doing that those doors will just open, you won’t have to bust it down. He will send you all the right people to make your purpose complete. You won’t have to do it alone once you seek him in prayer. Don’t think everyone will be a big supporter of you making the move from employee to entrepreneur. Don’t even look for them to be. I had people supporting my business that I had never met or seen before be my biggest supporters and it was all in god’s hands.

  1. You are also a speaker how did that come about? And what advice would you give to an aspiring speaker?

Ty: My mom started me in Jack & Jill in middle school where I was able to hone in on this gift by entering contests that took me to the state  competition  and from that point on people were always encouraging me to continue in that journey. I would go and speak at churches and people that heard me were just amazed at how good I was.

My mom and brothers all speak so that gift has always been in me but my advice would be to those looking to become a speaker is to invest in yourself; go to the toastmasters classes, always be around those that are better than you in that area in which you are obtaining to reach and never be intimidated, find a mentor, in any field you are seeking to go into you should have a mentor.

  1. How do you inspire others?

Ty: I inspire others with my truth and my walk as a Christian. Everything I say and even post on social media reflects my walk with God. I don’t want to be that person that could be a stumbling block for someone else. If I say I believe in Christ and I am a changed person then that has to be seen in my every day journey.

My goal in speaking with Mrs. Lewis was to speak with someone that inspires me on a daily basis with her inspirational, motivational and spirit filled messages that she posts all over social media. It is so important that no matter the life you choose for yourself that you find someone that can be an inspiration. More importantly you want to gain insight, knowledge and wisdom from those that are doing what you hope and aspire to do; so they can show you the way.

I want to thank Mrs. Ty Lewis for taking time out of her day to speak with me and give insight into the life of an entrepreneur! For whomever is reading this I pray you have been inspired.

Check out Ty Lewis on these social media sites as well as her website:


Instagram @speaker14

Facebook: Ty Lewis

Periscope: @speaker1414

Twitter: @speaker1414



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